Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 21st September 2024 Episode Written Update: Virat rethinks about his decision

pisode Today’s daily episode begins with Heer & Virat’s eye-lock. Duo requests every different whether they’re fine (or) not. Jharna gets envy. She interrupts them & requests Heer to full her Mehendi. Afterwards, Virat imagines of the incident. Gurwinder goes to Virat & states to him that only Heer loves him in this whole globe. Virat replies he could give his own personal life for Heer. There, Jharna spikes Virat’s milk & feed him.

Different side, Heer imagines of Virat. Preeto requests her not to await for him. Heer imagines she knows Virat & Jharna going to gain wedded shortly. However till afterwards she wants to await for Virat to affirm whether he repatriated in his own personal life just like that (or) it’s something over it. Virat feels sleepy due to the drug. Heer awaits for Virat. Jharna gets happy.

Within the in the morning, Heer wakes up & imagines she awaited for Virat whole night however he didn’t come. Thereafter, Rohan & Heer research. Soham interrupts the duo & states there is 1 web show, where lady comes to really know that she’s trans-gender. Singh mates stands stunned hearing Soham. Harak tries to cover the talk. However Soham don’t let him. He states the lady had come to really know late she’s trans-gender, therefore it’ll be interesting to see whether she’ll pass away (or) not? Rohan supports the lady & defends Soham’s own made post on Heer.

Furthermore, Heer states in case she has been the lady within the web show than after learning she’s trans-gender, she’d have consumed poison. Preeto states no the lady going to fight back. Rohan states to Soham that such web show won’t ever come. Soham states the show going to declare shortly.

Ahead, Preeto goes to Soham & requests him to alter his own call. Soham behaves cold with Preeto & requests her to send Heer into her globe. Shanno supports Soham. Preeto stands teary.
Different side, Jharna & Virat performs the pre-wedding function. Saint requests the duo to do some of the ritual. Virat thinks Heer closing his own eyes. He imagines Jharna is his own spouse to be therefore he must think of her. There, Heer imagines he won’t await for Virat ever. Virat & Jharna pray ahead of God for their own upcoming personal life. Virat gets confused seeing Heer & rethinks his own call.
Ahead, Virat imagines to confront Saint regarding his own emotions for Heer. He meets the saint & requests his own query. Saint clarifies Virat’s feeling & requests him to hear his own heart. Virat takes the blessing of the God.

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