Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 14th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Soham’s true face reveals

The daily episode begins with the Haldi function &  Parmeet applies Haldi on Jharana & Virat. Virat requests Gurminder to apply turmeric on him. Gurminder applies turmeric to him as per his own wish. Jharana requests Heer to apply turmeric to them to annoy her. Heer disagrees & states that it has been only a issue of coming to the function, afterwards what’s the want of it.

Jharana still enforces her to accomplish it. Preeto informs Heer to apply turmeric on them. Heer puts turmeric on the face of Jharana with a sad heart. Jharana afterwards requests her to apply it to Virat’s face. Heer does the same. Heer imagines that she’s the 1st lady who’s applying turmeric on her lover’s face. Virat imagines he knows that Heer is suffering, however this is true.

Soham talks to Shano over the phone & states that he can’t murder anybody now due to the atmosphere of marriage. Awhile Rohan fetches the parcel for Virat. Jharana requests what’s this. Virat states that he’d instructed something on-line, just that so it’s come.

Heer states that she’ll need to go house as of now because she’s examinations. Parmeet stops her. However she states she needs to research. Rohan informs Preeto that he’ll take (2) Heer from here & informs her to stay in Parmeet’s home & enjoy the function.

Preeto & Rohan also come there. Rohan & Virat capture Soham. Soham tries however could’t gain himself free from their own powerful captivity. Preeto requests to delete his own mask. They delete his own mask & are stunned to watch Soham ahead of them. Preeto is regarding to slap him. However Soham grabs her hand.

Soham states that he’s not Shano & his own dad to whom she could easily rise her hand. Preeto states he finally chose the path of sin like his own dad. She informs him what her mom Surabhi had finished to safeguard her eunuch sister awhile he’s the 1 who’s behind her sister’s personal life.

Soham states his own mom has been stupid however he’s not. He states that a eunuch can’t be someone’s sister. Virat states that Soham must remember his own childhood so that he could remember that Heer is his own dear sister. Soham states that he’s imagined that in case no 1 leaves Heer in her globe, he’ll murder Heer. Preeto slaps him.  daily episode ends.

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