Shakti 5th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Virat Coming House & Seeing Parmeet, Gurwinder, Daljeet & Sant Baksh Standing. He Requests Why All Of You Are Standing As In case Gathering Is Going On? Daljeet Informs That They Are Taking Her Class, As They Inquired Her To Wake Up Early, Take (2) Bath & Have Breakfast, However, She Is Demanding To Eat In The evening & Arguing.

He Requests Him To Make Her Know. Gurwinder Goes. Parmeet States Fighting Happens Between Each Spouse & Spouse. Virat Informs That This Is All Nonsense Filmy Talks & States Fight Is Fight & Love Is Love. He States In case Veer Ji & Bhabhi Love Every Different A Lot, Afterwards Why Accomplish We Fight.

He States We Fight With Ones, With Whom We Feel Disgusted, Whom We Hate & All Day Gets Ruined Seeing That Human’s Face & Sometimes All Personal life. Gurwinder Feels Bad & Gets Teary Eyes.

Kareena Calls Soham & Imagines Why Is He Not Picking The Call? Heer Talks To Soumya’s Photo Frame & Informs That You Made Me Write All These Advices So That I Don’t Forget Anything & Remember It Always.

Preeto Comes & Requests What Are You Writing? Heer States Today I Am Saved Because Of Gulabo’s Advice, Informs That She Utilized To Make Me Write From I Has been four Yrs. Old. Preeto Requests Her To Drink Milk & States She Utilized To Love You A Lot. The Heer States She Has been Herself Loving. She Requests Why She Had Enemies?

Preeto That Kinnars Don’t Have The Right To Live In This Globe, However, Your Gulabo Has been Courageous & Crossed All Limits By Loving Harman. Facebook Is Shown. The Preeto States Afterwards Kinnar Society & Our Society Everybody Had become Her Enemy & Recalls The Wrath That Soumya Had Saved. She Requests Her To Drink Milk & Imagines That’s Why We Need To Make You Powerful & Wants You To Stand On Your Ft, So That We Going to Tell You The Fact.

Heer Finishes Milk & Imparts The Glass To Preeto. She Informs Her That She Has Written In The Diary That Gulabo’s Enemies Are Her Enemies As of now & Requests Her Not To Worry.

Preeto Comes To Shanno & Holds Her Neck, Requesting Who Informed Kareena Regarding Heer. Shanno Requests Who? Preeto States Soumya’s Great Friend Who Had become Her Largest Enemy. Shanno Takes Sindhu’s Swear & Informs That She Didn’t

Tell Kareena. Soham Hears Them. Shanno States Why I have Blamed Always Whenever Something Happens In The Home. The Preeto States In case I Come To Really know Anything Afterwards You Won’t Be Saved. Soham Hides & Imagines Shanno Dadi Is Right, We Have To Gain Rid Of Heer Fast. Soham Comes To Kareena’s Home & Knocks On The Door.

He Afterwards Yells In Them For Opening The Door Late & Informs That You Has been Calling Me, However When I Had come Here You Has been Sleeping.

He States As of now I Know Why You Couldn’t Harm Soumya & Mallika. He States You Don’t Really know Just how To Accomplish The Work (5) Finished. The Kareena States Sufficient & Requests Him To Don’t Call Them Tum. She States I Couldn’t Win From Soumya & Mallika & Informs That Once I Has been Her Great Friend, & Informs That In case He Wants To Gain His own Work (5) Finished, Afterwards Behave Like Friends Else Don’t.

The Soham States Yes, I Going to Behave Like A Friend, However Don’t Let Preeto Dadi Really know Regarding It. He Requests Her To Kidnap Heer As Shortly As Possible. Kareena States Ok & Closes The Door. Soham Turns & Looks In Nutan Standing Behind Him.

Nutan Informs Soham That She Had come To Really know Everything From Chameli & Kept Eye On Their own Home, & Followed Him. She Requests Him To Remember That There Going to Be Numerous Protectors Of Heer, Even In case, She Has Extra Enemies. She States I Going to Tell Preeto As of now Itself. Soham Laughs & Takes Her Mobile.

He Calls Preeto & States Just As You Tell Her, Afterwards I Going to Tell Everybody Regarding Heer’s Fact. He Smiles & Requests Her To Tell Preeto. Nutan Ends The Call. Soham Requests Her To Be Happy & Goes.

Nutan Imagines She Wants Someone Who Protects Heer In Any Conditions. Virat Imagines Of Heer & Requests Himself, Why Is He Going To College As In case He Sees Heer’s Face Again Afterwards All Issues Going to Begin Again. He Requests Himself Not To Go To College, However Sleep On The Bed Silently.

He Goes To Bed & Covers Himself With Blanket. Jharna Comes & Pulls His own Blanket, States Great In the morning. She Requests Him To Watch Their own Marriage Invitation Card Sample. Virat Looks In The Card & Recalls Heer & His own Discussion. Facebook Is Shown. Virat Informs Heer That Their own Marriage Date Is Fixed & Requests Her What Kind Of Card She Wants.

She Informs That She Doesn’t Need Any Card As They Going to Go To Each Guest House & Going to Invite Them Personally.

He Requests Just how? Heer Shouts & Informs That Virat & I Are Getting Wedded, & Everybody Shall Come.

The College Candidates Look In Them. Virat Requests Her To Say In Low Tone & States He Doesn’t Need Any Bad Sight To Fall On Their own Love. Heer States I Didn’t Think Of This & Requests Everybody To Go. Virat States He States Whenever You Accomplish This Kind Of Madness Without Thinking.

Afterwards, I Fall In Love With You Extra. Heer Hugs Him. Facebook Ends. Virat States Pagalpan….Jharna Requests What? The Virat States Even Although We Are Not Wedded Still, However You Take (2) Care Of Me So Much. Jharna States I Accomplish This As I Love You So Much. Parmeet Calls Jharna & She Goes.

Nutan Calls Virat & Informs That You Are The Only 1, Who Could Safeguard Heer, States There Is A Danger To Her Personal life. Virat States I Don’t Care With Her Personal life (or) Demise & Ends The Call.

Virat Comes Somewhere & Sees Kinnars Trying To Take (2) A Young Lady From Her Home. The Lady Informs Her Parents That She Don’t Need To Go Far away From There. Lady’s Dad Informs That He Has been Not Aware Of Her Fact & When He Had come To Really know, He Named Kinnars To Send Her. The Lady Begs Infront Of Her Dad & Brother To Let Her Stay There. Nutan Sees Virat & Imagines I Understood This.

You Have Come Here Knowing Heer Is In Danger, Even Although You Show That You Hates Her. She Requests Him To Think Just how Heer Going to Feel In case Kinnars Take (2) Her Far away With Them. She States In case This Lady Stays Here For Extra Yrs. Afterwards, She Going to Be Heer. Virat Requests What Accomplish You Need To Evidence?

Nutan Requests Him To Look On & States Whatever She Wants To Prove Going to Be Understandable. Virat Thinks Heer In Lady’s Place & Requesting Soham To Block Her.

Soham Brushes Off His own Hands. The Heer States You Would Have Died Me Immediately After My Birth (or) Send Me With Them, Rather Than Demonstrating Fraud Dreams To Me, States She Going to Murder Herself.

The Kinnars Take (2) Her Far away. Virat Moves Forward To Block Her & Collides With The Plant Pot. He States No Heer, I Going to Never Let You Go To Kinnars’ Globe, Never…He Runs From There. Shakti Song Plays……

He Recalls Imagining Heer What Is Her Error In case She Is A Kinnar, & Telling That They Would Have Died Her After Birth (or) Would Have Sent Her With Them There.

He Stops Near The Tree & Recalls His own Love Confession. He Shouts Heer…..Jharna Comes There & Requests What Are You Informing? Virat Looks In Her.

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