Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Vansh Lays A Trap

The Daily daily episode starts with Vansh reporting I have given you a new personal personal life as my spouse today, just just how can I snatch your personal personal life. He states I will clear you, seven rounds & seven vows are for ordinary residents,

you said nothing is normal between us, this gun is the eighth ensure for you, in complaint you cheat me by fault, afterwards shoot yourself with this before I gain to actually really know about it.

He smiles & states in complaint I cheat you, afterwards I will killing myself before you actually really know it, deal….

He appeals her to open the second drawer, in complaint she gets scared, afterwards just just how going to she keep it. He states don’t worry, you will like the gift. He shows her a golden rose. He states you can live such a beautiful personal personal life in complaint you really know the meaning of loyalty.

I can forgive you in complaint you killing me, although not in complaint you killing my trust.

He retains the rose above the gun. He states now, the choice is yours, I believe that there were Two extremes in personal personal life, guns & roses.

She states time going to tell that. He states time doesn’t decide what happens in my personal personal life, I decide it.

He states like I have made you my spouse, now personal personal life going to be interesting.

She states ninth ensure is mine, I will try my best to make your personal personal life interesting.

He states I will wait for you to fulfill the ensure, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania….

She recalls her ensure to Kabir. She thinks now its my motive to ruin Vansh.

Angre appeals are you fine boss, did she accept that she had stolen Shera. Vansh states she’d return & married me, it doesn’t make any sense. Angre states you mean we’re unfair to query Riddhima. Vansh takes Shera from him.

He states I think its someone else, who kept Shera in Riddhima’s room, so that I query her. Angre appeals who & why. Riddhima looks for Shera. Chanchal states I had have bought jewelry by selling Shera, it was costly.

Aryan appeals her not to say that, anyone can actually really know it. Chanchal states Vansh is selfish, your dad does a lot for the house & business, he doesn’t gain respect, you should have taken advantage of Shera. He states you actually really know Vansh as a nephew, I had hidden Shera within the right place. Riddhima hears him.

He goes to watch within the door. She hides. She states so Aryan had seen it & hidden it, although where, Vansh’s study area… Aryan states Vansh going to query Riddhima now, not you, remember One thing, in complaint you take (2) (2) Shera’s name by fault, afterwards your tongue going to be cut.

Vansh states he’s played a clever move, Riddhima is new, he attempted to make me query her. Angre appeals shall I locate about Riddhima, its imp that her truth comes out. Vansh states she’s my spouse now, don’t think of doing that with her.

Vansh takes a hammer & breaks Shera into pieces. He states Riddhima is true ((or)) an illusion, I will locate it. He calls someone & states I had some work (5) (5).

Riddhima hides & hears him. Riddhima thinks he’s busy, I have to go to room & repatriate in the within the in the morning before he wakes up. She goes to room & sees Vansh. She states you here. He states I was outdoor.

now I m here, its my house, you will need time to actually really know the ways, be careful, you may be lost. He states strange, its wedding night & bride wasn’t in room, where did you go, did you want something, were you finding something.

He gets close. She retains a cushion between them. He gets a spider & states spiders are foolish, trap should be One that doesn’t gain seen.

He appeals did you gain what you were finding, come on,sweetheart, why so much hard work (5) (5), tell me what are you finding. He appeals her to just put this in the dustbin. She appeals what is it. He imparts her Shera’s pieces.

She gets stunned & thinks its Shera’s pieces. He appeals what happened, don’t you want to throw it, just just how is it useful to you,

were you finding it. She states I don’t actually really know what is it, why would I locate it.

She trashes it. She takes her pillow. He states it was quite useful for me before it’d becomes a trash, afterwards someone had stolen it, I detected.

it with much difficulty & destroyed it, what accomplish you think, who will try to steal my thing. Riddhima states its your house, you say that not even a soul can go out without your permission, just just how can anyone steal your thing & make a fault. He states residents makes faults & don’t actually really know the cost to pay for it, you started knowing me, interesting.

She makes her bedding on couch. He states we got (1) (1) married, still you’re a puzzle for me. She states you made a big fault, person marries One who he knows well.

She states I married the One who I want to actually really know, you actually really know I like puzzles, I like you, I wanted to gain you.

my trap can’t be seen, no resignation ((or)) walkout now, you will stay here in this trap. She thinks I will trap you in the same trap & gain you punished.

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