Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st October 2024 Written Update: Twist, Heer Comes Out…

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Shakti (01-Oct-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Heer coming out of the hospital ward room after seeing Virat.

Saya replies lets go & they leave.

The nurse switches off the light. Virat wakes up & requests her not to switch off the light as his Heer going to come.

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The nurse states she’d come & informed that she’ll come tomorrow. Virat states she left….& gets sad. The nurse requests him to talk to family & gain wedded. She states when Heer has a baby afterward I’ll get her delivery.

She requests him to sleep & goes. He imagines Heer’s identity won’t give her the happiness of being a mom, however, I’ll give her all different happiness.

She states I’ll never let her feel incomplete, our family (4) going to be happy & perfect without a child. Preeto prays to Mata Rani & states when Soumya’s fact went out, I have been shattered, Soumya has been shattered.

She states time has come to tell Heer’s fact to her & requests God to give her courage. Rohan brings his own laptop & states Heer’s result going to come. He opens the result site. Heer prays to Mata Rani for her success in examination.

The doctor checks Virat & informs that he’s fine as of now, you could take (2) him house. Sant Baksh gratitude him & calls Guru ji there. Guru ji comes there. Jharna also moves inside in bridal attire.

Virat is stunned & requests what’s all this? Inspector comes with constables. Constables hold Virat’s hands. Parmeet states marriage mahurat is of 10 am, & states as of now you’re fine.

We’ll gain your marriage solemnized today & going to go house. Virat states you couldn’t accomplish this with me & calls Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh states you’ll gain wedded today here.

He states you’ve betrayed me & Heer. Jharna states even Heer is engaged in this betrayal, she performed to love you so that she could take (2) revenge from you else she wouldn’t have took balloons & flowers for you.

Virat states you’re cunning & requests Constables to leave him. He requests the Nurse to accomplish something & support him, requests her to tell whatever she’s witnessed.

The nurse stays silent. Virat reminds Guru ji of his own words & informs that he’s not happy with this alliance, his own happiness lies with Heer. Parmeet brings sindoor bottle.

Gurwinder is still tied & cries, imagines she could’t tell the fact to Virat & could’t block the marriage. She feels apologetic. Rohan informs that results are getting posted, we’ll really know in some time.

Virat requests Constables to leave him. Guru ji requests Parmeet to gain sindoor daan awhile he chants the mantras. Preeto & Heer gain tensed awaiting for results. Preeto states you’ll pass.

Rohan states results are posted & requests Harak Singh to give the character number. Harak Singh informs the number. Rohan types the character number & awaits for the results.

Guru ji requests Parmeet to gain Sindoor daan rasam as of now. Parmeet informs Virat that this marriage going to make his own personal life best & requests him to apply sindoor to Jharna.

Sant Baksh requests Constables to free Virat’s hands. They leave him. Parmeet holds Virat’s hand & enforces him to take (2) the sindoor & apply to Jharna. Virat looks in the Nurse. Nurse looks in the Inspector’s gun, snatches it & throws in Virat.

Virat manages to catch it & makes the sindoor bottle falls down. He aims gun in them & requests them to move back, else he’ll shout.

Sant Baksh requests have you gone mad? Virat states in case you’re doing right thing by trying to ruining my personal life with Jharna. He states you’ve betrayed me & engaged Heer also, you’ve finished unfair.

Sant Baksh states what accomplish you think that you could flee from here. Inspector tries to snatch gun. Virat hits him & he falls down.

Sant Baksh requests going to you run far from here. Virat states yes, you & all your police enforce could’t block me from uniting with Heer. He goes out, locks the door & runs out of the hospital.

Preeto prays to Mata Rani & requests Rohan to say. Rohan states it’s loading, checks the results & states she’s moved within the examination.

Everybody gets happy. Preeto gratitude Mata Rani. Harak Singh states this is great information. Rohan congratulates Heer. Everybody congratulates her.

Rohan gets tensed & informs that she’s moved, however….Preeto requests what? Rohan states job is getting to top 100, however heer’s name is not within the list. Preeto states what accomplish you mean that she’s moved, however won’t gain the job.

She requests what accomplish you mean? Rohan states Heer is now in awaiting list, she’ll gain the job, however next yr.. Shanno smiles & imagines this kinnar fallen from that sky & got (1) trapped.

Shanno states this means Heer has failed. Preeto requests didn’t you hear fully & informs that Heer has moved the examination. Heer requests Mata Rani why her name is not within the list & requests till when she’ll take (2) her test.

Virat is racing on the road. Shanno gets call from Soham & goes to side to participate it. She informs that Heer has moved & afterwards states fail. Soham states I really know & going to repatriate shortly.

Shanno comes back. Heer states don’t really know what’s written in my destiny & cries. Preeto requests her not to say this. Saya & Roma come there. Shanno states something else is written, that’s why she’s moved within the examination, however failed also.

Virat comes there & states you stated quite true Shanno Dadi. He states Heer is having Virat in her destiny & states what in case she’s failed within the job examination, jobs aren’t over.

He states there have been numerous examinations to write & pass, however 1st of all we’ve to write our love examination & pass.

Rohan states why you come in the unfair time always & requests him to go. Virat states I didn’t come here to go & states I’ve come here to marry Heer.

Heer states you has been regarding to marry Jharna today. Virat states I didn’t marry Jharna because…. Heer requests what kinda person, you’re. She states you ran far from this marriage also. Virat states I didn’t run, however informed them all proudly.

He states they’ve conspired with you, all my guilt has been over, I’ve realised that unfair thing is happening with me & not with them. He states you’ve taken revenge from me, it’s forgiven, scores are settled, as of now we’ve becomes like we’d met first time. Preeto gets angry & slaps Virat.

Virat states 1st, I habituated to know your slap, so why as of now? He states you stated that you trust me, afterwards why you’re getting angry.

Heer requests Virat to go from here now & states we’ve nothing to accomplish in case you marry Jharna (or) not. She requests him to go. Phone rings.

Preeto states your mom is calling. Heer holds his own hand & requests him to go. Virat informs Heer that he’ll handle his own family (4) & going to return to her, after that live & demise is just for you.

He assures Harak singh & Preeto that he’ll influence them for his own marriage with Heer, & knows that they’ll agree as his own love is truthful. Heer looks on.

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First episode date: 30 May 2016
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