Saudi Arabia announces discovery of new oil, gas fields

Riyadh, August 30 : Saudi Arabia Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud declared on Sun. the discovery of 2 oil & gas fields within the kingdom, the Saudi Arabia Press Agency recorded.

The 2 fields, Hadat Al-Hajrah gas ground within the Al-Jawf area & Abraq Al-Talul oil ground within the northern border area, have been discovered by this Saudi Arabia Arabian Oil Firm (Saudi Arabia Aramco), Xinhua press agency recorded.

Saudi Arabia Aramco going to work (5) on assessing the quantities of oil, gas & condensate within the 2 fields, along with digging extra wells to determine their own region & size, the minister stated.

Saudi Arabia Aramco is the globe’s most valuable firm & pumps extra oil on a daily basis than any different producer.