Sanjivani 27th January 2024 Episode Update: NV Emits Anger On Ishani

Sanjivani 27th January 2024 Episode Written Update: NV Emits Anger On Ishani;

The Sanjivani 27th January episode starts with NV getting angry. He recollects all of Ishani’s words.

The Episode begins with NV. He recalls the word of Ishani. The guy says an individual is from the nursing house. The document is kept by him. The document drops. NV seems on. The document is kept by him.

Ishani comes. NV says I do not wish to waste time, you mean that I should not get once you, the individual waited, I talked to you personally, she needed you to run, Rishabh needed to perform the operation.

He asks her to tell him if she’ll get prepared. He states I’m trying to comprehend your pain I’m hoping to promote you, you ought to have a willingness. She believes I came to thank him. She says that I did a mistake.

He says, you ought to be at OT, you lost and did not try, you’ve got the ability you do not wish to save anybody, ask somebody who lost his one, that a physician. He makes sad.

He states the time that moves does not return, do not get too late, you take your own time, there’s a new patient in space no. 4. He provides the document to her. She belongs. Bebe arrives at the hospital.

The document drops and picks. She does not see the pic of Sid. Bebe says I obtained Gajar ka halwa. NV says she did not take action. She says its alright, we could have the halwa. He states right.

She asks what did you do, did you tell her anything, did you scold her, her condition is known by you, you’re always mad. He states I act with her, I m a human. She states you always say the exact same thing, a hospital is currently operating, pain is given by wound, I understand you wish to heal her wound, so you can not determine when will this make nice. Ishani comes to the ward of Sid.

She moans until a shift is got by Sid. Bebe asks NV to say sorry. He asks once I did not do something wrong, why would I say sorry. She asks him to go and say sorry.

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