Roof of 154-year-old Sultan Bazaar Govt school collapses

Hyderabad(Hyd): The roof of a govt boys High School (H.S.) in Sultan Bazar in Koti collapsed within the interveing night of Wed. & Thu.. No student has been within the apartment when the roof had come down as there is no educational institution functioning because of COVID-19 epidemic.

The educational institution is under Goshamahal falls within the Assembly constituency of MLA Raja Singh, who’s in-charge of the region.

The roof made up of olden woods feel on the wall & pillars have also being damaged. The region corporators have visted however yet to take (2) action. Presently, the region of educational institution apartment in case filled with debris & broken wooden Pillars. 

Anuradha Reddy, Convener of INTACH,

stated, “The apartment is over 154-years-old. The tiled roof has been leaking during this previous rains, & lessons weren’t being conducted in that room, we’ve also held multiple moves in association with Municipal Corporation for the restoration of the apartment, however till date thee works hasn’t being taken up”.

The inside of the Sultan Bazar tower that has been just recently restored, however the educational institution apartment has been ignored by this authorities, Educational institution apartment that barely stands One such oldest clock tower in this city is almost forgotten like the age-old educational institution apartment, that nestles the clock tower. The educational institution apartment is now in dilapidated state with old wooden doors worn out & ceilings in a drenched state because of water seepage, the apartment has changed into

On the façade of the Sultan Bazar tower, 1865 is engraved as the yr. of building & the granite carved on the educational institution reads 1866. The educational institution has been named ‘Chudderghat Anglo Vernacular Educational institution’ that is as of now a secluded apartment filled with debris & wreckage. The apartment exhibits vernacular style in each corner. The main entrance is guarded by 8 columns every clustered in teams of 4 on the either side of the doorway.

The main apartment screens a high canopy of cement sheets & is surrounded by rooms on the either side, that can have provided as workplace stop, library & science lab. The different side of the apartment homes a courtyard filled with classrooms on 1 side & stairs to enter the 1st floor on the different. Sadly, the 1st floor of the apartment is almost in a collapsed state. All that stands is a cement rooftop of the main apartment that has also collapsed.