Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 27th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 27th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Dulari packages her bags to leave for the holiday.

She imagines regarding the tip & her vow not to brake it. Dulari states I could’t risk Ram’s personal life. She states I’ve to go to gain rid of this Balwan.

Ram comes & states no Dulru. We aren’t going anywhere. We’ve finished nothing unfair. Dulari states however we’ve to go. It’ll be great for us. & that person is dangerous as he’s a police person.

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He’s a goon & he could be dangerous for you. Rani states this going to be a small getaway for us as well. Ram states fine in case you say so.

In night, Rani & Ram secretly walk out of the home & gain within the car. Ram requests driver to go. The driver doesn’t begin the car. Ram states what’s unfair? He turns back. It’s Balwan. Ram & Dulari are stunned.

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Balwan states going to Panchmani? You’re not going as of now. I’ll go there on honeymoon with DUlari. He shows his own gun & states Dulari is only mine. Dulari states are you insane?

Balwan states only for your love. Ram & Dulari run out of the car & rush house. Ram locks the door.

Scene 2
The next in the morning, Ram opens the door. A plenty of police people come in with fruits & gifts. Ram states what are you doing? This is our home.

What’s all this? Policeman states this is shagun for our bhabhi from Balwan. Dulari states what’s all this? Ram states shagun. Balwan comes in as well.

Ram states Dulari is my spouse. Balwan shows him gun again. Dulari stands ahead of Ram & states Ram is my spouse. I’ll never leave him.

You could take your shagun from here. He states wow you’re so brave & modern. That’s what I love regarding you. Dulari is angry. Balwan states you don’t want to worry regarding Ram.

He won’t live alone. I’ll gain him wedded to my sister. Ram & Dulari are stunned? Dulari states block enforcing me. I’m already wedded.

Ram & I are for every different. Ram states listen Balwan, please know. Balwan shouts & states I’ll murder Ram in case you don’t marry me. Dulari is scared.

Dulari looks in the book & states it’s rising my problems not addressing them. Dulari states I’ll return to my original desi look.

Dulari is regarding to take off the modern things, she recalls the book stated Ram going to be in problem in case she does so. Ram his own his own hand. Dulari runs to him. Ram states I’m fine. Don’t worry.

Ram states could you please accomplish 1 thing? Gain rid of this modern look & show Balwan your real look.

He mightn’t be interested in you after that. He’s fell in love with your modern look. Dulari states no I don’t need to.

Scene 3
Ram comes to Irfan & states Balwan has a sister too. & as of now he desires me to marry his own sister. Koyal comes there & states why don’t you agree afterwards? Marry his own sister. It’s the only option you’ve.

Koyal states so your jaan Dulari going to be of Balwan. Jaan (personal life) has to go anyway. Koyal states a wedding is the only option you’ve. Koyal leaves. Ram gets an idea & states as of now I’ll gain Dulari wedded myself.

He states I’ll gain my spouse wedded with all this band baja.

Chacha plays band baja. Ram comes & states I had come to give you this wedding card. You’re an elder here so I imagined I must give it to you before anybody. Chacha sees the card. A person requests whose wedding?

Ram states Dulari’s wedding. Everybody is shoced. Chanda states I also need the card. She reads my spouse modern Dulari going to be wedded to Balwan.. Everybody is stunned. Ram states yes. You all please come. He leaves.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Friday

Ongoing Updates: 27th October 2024 / (27-10-2020)

First episode date: 5 October 2024
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy
Networks: Zee TV

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee TV: 10:30 pm(IST)

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare Cast:

  • Nikhil Khurana as Ram
  • Jyothi Sharma as Dulari
  • Shiny Dixit
  • Shamin Mannan as Koyal

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