Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 23 October 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (23-10-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Maira is standing within the balcony.

Sherlin comes to block her informing that she shouldn’t think of doing anything unfair as it’s not value it.

Ramona also comes from behind informing that they’ve finished sufficient & must go return to their own home, Maira rejects informing that she’ll not leave so they both should leave her alone as she’s to think what she must accomplish to gain them separated.

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Maira exclaims that they both have fooled them as they didn’t hate every different however pretended, Ramona states that it’s evident as they have been friends & it’s not that easy to ruin their own relation.

Ramona is adamant to go back however Sherlin clarifies that she can’t accomplish anything as no 1 within the home would support her, even Rakhi maa loves Preeta so she’d not be able to accomplish anything.

Maira exclaims that she’d make a schedule after that everybody would block contributing Preeta. Rakhi goes to Maira’s room exclaiming that she’s to talk with her however there is no 1 answering her call.

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She gets worried thinking that Maira had come to alter in her room however is nowhere to be identified. Preeta requests him to leave her, he leaves informing that she may have imagined anything can have happened between them both.

Preeta gets disturbed thinking regarding it, Karan jokes exclaiming that some time before she has been exclaiming to be his own spouse however as of now is acting like this, Preeta requests what he meant.

She takes the remote informing that she’d lower the temp & is stunned to watch that it’s set in seventeen degrees, Karan pulls her closer informing that she must give him the remote otherwise he’d accomplish the things that she doesnot like i.e to kiss her & feel her.

Preeta stops him & imparts the remote. Rakhi is calling Maira & is yelling however Maira doesnot answer, Ganesh states that she’s on the terrace so he’d call her as she mightn’t listen to her call.

Each member of the entire family comes requesting what has happened & why si she calling Maira, Rakhi answers that she was in their own home for a long time so it’s time for her to go back.

Dadi requests what she meant so Rakhi clarifies that she’s to fulfill the suites of Mahesh as well so feels that what she’d accomplish as of now is what Mahesh would’ve finished.
Mair also comes, Rakhi states that what she’d accomplish as of now.

Everybody would’ve to accept it, she exclaims that Ramona is her finest friend & she knows Maira from she has been a child, Rakhi exclaims that she desired their own friendship become a relation however it couldn’t happen as Karan got wedded to Preeta.

She apologizes to Maira who stops her informing that it doesnot feel right as the time would pass & the turbulence would cool down, Rakhi states that she’s right & it’d calm when she leaves the home.

Rakhi states that she’s pondered over the issue for a long time so feels that Maira must as of now leave their own home as when she’s in their own home it’d cause issues in their own entire family that she can’t bear so she must leave their own home.

Sherlin exclaims that it’s not fair & would wound Maira. Shrishti stops Janki from closing the lights as she’s to drink water, Sarla also comes informing that Janki must bring the balm as her head is hurting, Janki states that she’d also apply it on her head.

She also requests Shrishti to bring some of the water, afterwards Sarla requests Janki what has been so important that she desired to tell her within the Luthra home, Janki states that she’s got her memory & knows what had happened with her.

Sarla gets tensed insisting the name of the human who attempted to murder her with the car, Janki states that she can’t tell Sarla of the fact as she’d gain tensed, Janki leaves after creating ana excuse.

Sarla requests Shrishti to apply the balm on her head as it’s hurting, Shrishti states that she’d also massage her head so she might feel best, Shrishti wonders why Janki didn’t tell the fact to Sarla.

Sherlin references that in case anybody must leave the home it must be Preeta, Rishab orders Sherlin to block speaking in between because the elders of the home are having a conversation.

Ramona requests Rishab afterwards why he not takes the side of Maira as she’s also his own friend, she even questions karan the treason he’s standing as he knows what has happened is unfair.

Rakhi requests in case she’s finished speaking, she turns to Maira informing that she had come to research however ever from she arrived in their own home she ahs being worrying regarding Karan & got tensed when she couldn’t gain wedded.

She shouldn’t have finished all this. Ramona requests Rakhi what she’s informing, Rakhi responds that she’s telling the fact as she’s not blind, she answers that Maira had come to the function dressed as Preeta.

Telling everybody that she’s the spouse of Karan & it wasn’t right. She turns to Sherlin requesting what has happened to her because she understood that Preeta & Karan got wedded yet still she didn’t try to influence her however instead agreed all of her decisions.

Rakhi doesnot let her say anything in her defense. Rakhi queries why Ramona didn’t try to notify her daughter that she’s unfair & shouldn’t have finished all those thigs, Ramona references that it’s not the complaint as her daughter indeed had come to research.

However everybody within the home made her fall in love with karan. Even Preeta & Karan stated that they don’t have anything between them, Rakhi references that she’s right as they’d stated those things & even Karina ensured her however the conditions have been various & as of now Preeta & Karan were wedded.

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Kundali Bhagya Cast:

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Shraddha Arya

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