RadhaKrishn 7th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Reality Strikes Bhishm

Draupadi requests Krishna just how could she marry five Pandavs, this hasn’t happened till date. Krishna states he could ensure that Pandavs are true humans, this marriage going to be over religion & nature, she’s capable of following it, & in case she’d not ruled herself, she’d have left by as of now, Krishna’s advice is just a reason. Draupadi states just how could she go, Arjun won her & he’d be defame.

Kunti has high hope on her. Krishna states she’s thinking of Pandavs & Kunti, what regarding herself. She states in case she takes call, she’ll be defamed & named characterless. Krishna states she’s born via fire & whoever tries to derogate her going to burn himself; this wedding going to be dharma vivah & she could thinking calmly taking her own time, and so on. He moves out with Arjun. Arjun informs Krishna that he doesn’t think Draupadi going to agree. Krishna states he must leave it on go.

Draupadi moves out & apologizes Kunti for her rude behaviour. Kunti states she must be apologetic to her whole personal life instead. Draupadi states she’s taken call & is prepared for this wedding. Yudistra & all Pandavs appreciate Draupadi for getting them out of dharma sankat. Krishna informs Draupadi that her call going to be an example of dharma vivah. Arjun gratitude Madhav & states he understood Krishna’s divine knowledge & respects him extra.

Bhishm repatriates to Hastinapur. Dhritarastra moves to him & states he has been missing him & has been feeling as in case he has been missing dad’s protection. Bhishm states king shouldn’t bend ahead of him.Vidhur reports him regarding Draupadi’s swayamvar that Karn, Duryodhan, & Dushyasan participated.

Bhishm requests who won. Vidhur states Pandav putra Arjun. Bhishm threatens to block joking. Vidhur states Pandavs are alive. Bhism requests why didn’t they call Pandavs here. Shakuni & Duryodhan lie that they appealed Pandavs to accompany them, however Pandavs didnt, so they’ve sent an troops battalion to bring them here. Bhishm gets angry & requests princes must be took in honour by royals & not warriors.

Dhritarastra states in case Duryodhan & Shakuni are informing so, Pandavs actually wouldn’t need to come afterwards. Bhism states he doesn’t trust them & doesn’t have time & energy to argue. He moves far away angrily.

Arjun moves to Krishna & requests why is he standing alone. Krishna states Arjun is with him. They begin conversing when Bheem reports that warriors are coming towards them, he’s sure Duryodhan should have sent warriors to murder them. Krishna states they must notify Bhishm regarding it.

Vidhur reports Bhism just how Duryodhan & Shakuni manipulated Dhritarastra. Guard reports Bhism that Dwarkadish Krishna’s messenger has come. Bhism requests him to send messenger in & requests messenger in case Krishna himself gave it.

Messenger states someone gave him this letter informing Krishna gave it. Bhism reads letter that a gwala/cowherd wants to meet Bhism. Bhism imagines Krishna is quite divine, he read his own mind, he’d surely need to meet him. Krishna awaits for Bhishm. Warriors inquire Krishna in case he’s Krishna, they’d like to see him.

Bhism stops warriors & moves towards Krishna with a greeting hand. Krishna greets him back.