Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 4

So daily episode starts Vansh glares in kabir. Kabir looks in ridhima & smiles. Vansh observed that. Vansh requests what r u doing here. Police states we had come to detain,ridhima imagines as of now my kabir had come .Vansh going to be punished.

Chacha & aryan smiles seeing police had come near vansh. Their own smile gets vanished as police moves towards ridhima. Police states u r under detain ridhima. Vansh & remaining  gain stunned. Ridhima states what’s my offence & looks in kabir. Kabir signals her with his own eyes & ridhima understood & initiated to act.

Vansh requests police whats the issue. Police states kabir has a case over ridhima.Vansh goes near kabir & glares in him.

Kabir sighs & states this lady had come to my home as event managing. She framed me on her love & on our wedding she ran far away with my money & some of the jewelry. I chased her & she got (1) escaped .Somebody informed me she’s going to gain wedded to u. So I had come here to gain her detained.

Ishani states I understood she has been a gold digger. She goes near ridhima & has been regarding to slap her when vansh holds her hand. Ridhima looks in vansh. Immj plays.

Vansh inquire inspector to take-away ridhima. Inspector has been regarding to put handcuff when vansh stops him & states just take (2) her. Ridhima gets happy & things iam going from this cage. Kabir & police takes far away ridhima & vansh looks on.

Dadi collapses & vansh taken her. She gets conscious & informed vansh that just how could ridhima accomplish this. Vansh states she could accomplish anything. Vansh moves far away .

Police requests ridhima to go u r free. She gets happy & hugs kabir. Immj song plays bg. Kabir states I informed u just afterwards ridhima cuts him off & states I’m quite happy with u kabir. Please don’t leave me. She states let’s gain wedded. Kabir states as of now. Ridhima nodded.

Kabir states there’s no arrangements. Ridhima states I don’t want arrangements I want u. Kabir states ok & they watch Pandit leaving who has been supposed to accomplish riansh wedding. Kabir requests his own aid to gain somehow groom dress. Aid states ok & leaves. Kabir stops Pandit & took him to a temple.

Kabir aid took groom dress with sehra. Kabir states I won’t wear this sehra however  agrees looking in ridhima. Immj bg plays. Kabir gets prepared & cums. Ridhima gets mesmerized with him. Kabir gets a call goes to participate.

Ridhima waits kabir to come. Kabir had come with sehra. Ridhima smiles. Pandit requests kabir & ridhima to exchange Garlands. They exchange Garlands. Pandit requests them to sit & begins the mantras. Pandit to them to take (2) pheras they taken 7 pheras. Kabir tied mangalsutra to ridhima & fill her hairline. Pandit announces that u r spouse & spouse as of now. Ridhima gets happy.

Just afterwards kabir cums racing & stunned to watch the groom & ridhima wearing mangalsutra. Ridhima gets stunned & runs towards kabir. Kabir states I got (1) a call from our boss & after that someone hit me on my head & I’ll lost  my concious. Ridhima states afterwards who wedded me.

They someone’s diologue interesting quite interesting. Ridbir gets stunned. Ridhima deletes his own sehra & gets extremely stunned to watch Vansh .VANSH SAYS ISHQ KI HADH AB HOGI PAAR.