RadhaKrishn 6th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Draupadi’s Dilemma

Arjun tells Kunti that they never disobeyed her command. Yudistra says Arjun is right, they cannot disobey mother’s command and cannot even distribute Draupadi among 5 brothers, so he has decided that he, Nakul, Sahdev, and Bheem will become sages and will shift to Himalayas.

Bheem says brother Yudistra is right, and they all 4 seek permission from Kunti. Kunti says her words are incomplete and they cannot do that. Arjun says they cannot become sage and even cannot disobey mother.

Draupadi shocked asks Arjun if he means she should be distributed among 5 brothers. Yudistra says mother’s words are god’s words for them. Draupadi asks how can Dharmaraj Yudistra say this and asks Arjun why did he fight the whole world for her.

He says he can fight against whole world, but cannot disobey his mother. Kunti says she made a mistake and apologizes. Draupadi says let her best friend Krishan come and decide whether she should stay here or return back to her father.

Duryodhan tells Shakuni that he came at right time and stopped Dhritarastra, else he would have sent Vidhur to bring Pandavs. Shakuni says he somehow gave excuse of Bhisma this time and changed the game, they should find a permanent solution soon, hopes Pandavs are dead by now.

Arjun offers food to Draupadi and requests her to have it as she didn’t have anything since morning. Yudistra and Kunti also request her. Draupadi walks into a room saying she will not see anyone or have anything until her best friend Krishna comes and solve this issue.

Krishna walks in calling Kunti. Kunti greets him and says they are meeting after a long time. Krishna reminds that he already already met her as Madhav and warned her about an important decision

. Kunti reminisces Madhav warning her not to take any decision in haste which will risk everyone’s future. Krishna asks why his brothers Pandavs are looking tensed.

Yudistra says the are in dharam sankat/religious dilemma and explains whole issue. Krishna says Kunti must have ordered in haste without thinking much, so they shouldn’t take it seriously. Yudistra says mother’s words are god’s words and she cannot make any mistake, they don’t know what to do now.

Krishna says he would like to speak to Draupadi. Arjun says she is waiting for him and takes him to Draupadi’s room. He asks Draupadi to turn once and see. Draupadi says she will not see anything until Krishna comes.

Krishna speaks. She cries and says she is treated really badly here and is in a big dilemma. Kunti asks Yudistra if he did what she said as Draupadi will not agree to her words and may want to go to her father’s house.

He says he already sent a message to king Dhrupad to come and take back his daughter. Kunti says that is good for all. Krishna tells Draupadi that he wants to listen from her. She explains everything. He says he can just help her, but the final decision will be hers. She says if she takes decision.

whole world will defame her. He says whoever defames her will burn his hands.