Qurbaan Hua 26th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Chahat Accepts Her Mistake In Front Of Viyas Jee

Chahat requests Naveli what she’s doing within the store room, Godambari comes from behind afterwards exclaims that it has been right for Baleq to come as she also come when she heard the noise.

Godambari requests Naveli where he’s & why did she call him, Chahat requests what she meant by her announcement, she references that she had come to catch the boyfriend & she knows that her daughter has gotten actually worse.

afterwards both Baleq & Godambari begin accusing Naveli of being unfair, Chahat imagines that she must support Naveli, she afterwards exclaims that she has been the 1 whom Naveli had come to meet as she’s her sole friend within the home, afterwards Godambari takes Naveli far away.

Baleq also leaves, Chahat imagines that she also doesnot like the human from he’s stolen amount from that Mandir.

Chahat hears Neil exclaiming that he’ll tell the fact to Viyas jee, she locates him sitting outdoor & he’s drunk, he references that his own dad never discussed him as his own son as when he has been young his own dad has been never there to celebrate his own birthday even when his own friend’s fathers habituated to prepare a party all his own dad did has been the rituals of their own religion & in an trying to fulfill them he let their own relation ship go to waste, She exclaims that it’s not the error except her, he clarifies that he’ll notify his own dad regarding the fact, that she uis the criminal, Chahat calms him down & takes him within the barn when she sees that Viyas jee is outdoor wondering within the lawn.

She takes him within the barn & acts to play a game where he’ll act as a statue, she afterwards goes to Viyas jee who requests why is she still awake & it’s not the right time, she references that he’s also awake & she knows that he’s witnessed Neil from his own childhood & from the little time he was with Neil she knows that he actually wants the sanction of Viyas jee & wants that he talk with kindness so that Neil understands his own love for him.

Viyas jee references that it’s not worthwhile to await for Neil as he might be in his own friends home sleeping, Chahat references that it wasn’t the error of Neil as she has been the 1 to place the order when she had come to really know that Neil has been trying tough to sell the sweets however has been unable to earn amount so she purchased them without anybody knowing, Viyas jee leaves without informing anything, Chahat wonders just how she’ll talk with Neil as he’s drunk.

Chahat ends the game & Neil exclaims that he’ll go & tell the fact to Viyas jee, she stops him mentioning that he should eat, he states that she also knows that he gets hungry after being angry, she begins speaking afterwards makes him eat his own meal that he does eat when she enforces him.

Godambari is burning the hand of Naveli on the fire, she requests her mom why she’s doing this, Godambari references that it’s because she wants that her daughter not meet with Baleq within the home as in case anybody catches them both afterwards it’ll ruin all their own schedule.

Baleq also requests him to block as it’s not right, she requests him in case he wants the seat of Viyas jee as he’ll not be able to gain it in case they both are captured afterwards Viyas would realize that he has been the 1 to murder Saraswati,

he stops her & orders that she never speak of it within the home, he vows to not meet Naveli & also makes her assure, she makes it however imagines that she’d not forgive Chahat for ruining her personal life.

Chahat is trying to make Neil eat however he states that his own dad never cared for him & his own mom, he’d always scold him for not remembering the Mantar however never cared for what he desired.

he’d scold him & not even play with him, he knows that his own dad is a big person however he never can approach his own level no issue just how tough he attempted, he states the Mantar & reject to eat Chahat requests him to again repeat the Mantar & she cheats him into eating the meal.

afterwards warns that in case he doesnot eat afterwards would go in hell, he questions in case he’s actually that bad & begins crying before passing out, she covers him thinking that she’s the 1 due to whom Neil is now in problem so she’ll correct her error & support him.

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