Qurbaan Hua 19th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Qurbaan Hua 19 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (19-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Qurbaan Hua 19th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Viyas jee queries Baleq that this what he desired for so long.

Has been it the amount (or) the prestige, he requests Baleq to disclose the fact however afterwards Baleq gets on his own knees informing that he’s something.

That he wants to show them afterwards brings out a letter where he’s written that he’d query in case Neel could becomes the Manth.

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Godambari also exclaims that Baleq informed her regarding the test. Chahat comes inquiring what kinda a test is it as due to his own actions the overall prestige of the entire family has been challenged ahead of the overall village.

Even the name of Viyas jee has been challenged involving his own prestige so what kinda a test is this as he’s aware of the tough time from that Neel is passing through, Godamabri stops her informing that Baleq is her elder.

Viyas jee although stops her informing that Chahat is telling the fact. Baleq states that he’s prepared for any punish that Viyas jee must devise, Chahat states that just how would be able to distinguish the issue that his own actions has caused for Neel.

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Because this is not the way, Baleq controls his own anger, Neel is obliged to take Chahat far away & even Viyas jee is unable to comprehend that Baleq did something like this.
Within the room.

Chahat clarifies that he doesnot have any right when Viyas jee is still alive so she’d talk with him once & for everyone regarding his own actions, Neel states that she shouldn’t be so angry as Baleq is their own elder.

He’s the right although Chahat is unable to curb the anger afterwards sits down, Neel exclaims that she got angry due to the worry that she’s for him, Chahat references that after he saved her personal life.

he’s becomes her most loved human so she can’t bear that anybody problems him, Neel afterwards references that he appears to be a churail that angers her so she begins beating him with the stick.

Baleq is standing when Naveli exclaims that she imagined Viyas jee would throw him out of the home however Baleq is sure that no 1 could throw the lion out from his own own den, Godamabari requests him to curb.

Chahat as she’s getting actually dangerous for their own mission. Baleq imagines that he dreams of controlling her every & each day. Chahat is searching for the remedies to cure the wounds, she after a plenty of struggle locates a plant that could be utilized.

She immediately runs to Viyas jee requesting regarding where she could locate it, she requests a query in that Viyas jee questions why she’s not asleep, Chahat exclaims that she identified a plant that could be habituated to cure the burn.

However doesnot really know where she could locate it, Viyas jee clarifies that he’s also heard of it however the plant would only spring when 2 loved ones truly meet & he’s sure that the love that both of them have would cause the plant to spring out.

Within the in the morning Chahat sees the plant so tries to gain to it although she’s unable to take the plant & falls down on the floor. Neel questions from Godambari in case she’s witnessed Chahat although she rejects to really know anything.

Baleq comes racing to her clarifying that Kripa was crying from the in the morning & she might were feeling cold, afterwards he takes her from Baleq mentioning that his own mom habituated to give him milk with honey that is a remedy, Godambari agrees to make it.

Baleq requests Neel in case he’s angry with him, Neel references that he could even forget the truth that Baleq stole the coins however just how could he forget that Baleq has been regarding to marry the spouse of his own younger brother.

Godamabari comes mentioning that there is no honey & she doesnot need to give Kripa the honey that is not pure, Baleq requests her to let him get6 the honey for Kripa as he feels that this way Neel might also forgive him.

Chahat is unable to break the flower & so maintains falling however she imagines that she’d not block till she’s able to gain the flower. Godamabri requests Baleq why he accepted to gain the honey by himself.

However he states that he’d inquire someone else to gain the honey although he’d hire someone else. Neel is unable to look in his own older pictures so begins destroying them informing that the old Neel has passed away.

He takes the sarree of Chahat afterwards states that he can’t comprehend what he’d accomplish once she’s left as afterwards he’d be left alone, he imagines that he wants their own friendship remain like this all this time.

Baleq is in the honey comb thinking that he’d not give anybody who comes to him for some of the work because he’s unable to gain anybody, he wears the suit thinking that he was given a beautiful face so eventually Chahat would come to him.

Naveli also calls him advising that he be careful however Baleq demands that he doesnot want her advise as the 1 with the destroyed face is as of now Neel, Chahat realises that she’d want extra afterwards 1 flower to make the paste.

She tries her finest after that she Is finally able to break off 1 extra flower, meantime the bees begin stinging Baleq because he messed with them. Chahat brings the flower within the room.

Neel inquiries what’s she doing in that Chahat clarifies that they’re not any ordinary flowers as they’ve the ability to heal anything, he doesnot trust her so she forcefully makes him sit, after applying the paste she covers his own wounds with bandage.

Live Telecast Days: Monday to Friday

Ongoing Updates: 19th November 2024 / (19-11-2020)

First episode date: 25 February 2024
Network: Zee TV
Number of episodes: 84
Directed by: Tabrez Khan
Language: Hindi

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee TV: 10:00 pm(IST)

Qurbaan Hua Cast:

    • Pratibha Ranta
    • Karan Jotwani
    • Nitin Bhasin
    • Sonali Nikam
    • Nishad Vaidya

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