9 die after consuming sanitizer in Andhra

Amaravati:  Not been able to gain liquor because of the COVID induced lock-down in place, 9 citizens passed away after having sanitizer in Prakasam dist. of AP, police officer said on Fri..

Awhile 3 citizens passed away on Thu., 6 ceded on Fri.. The incident took place in Kurichedu Mandal HQ (headquarters) in Prakasam dist..

As the liquor shops in town & surrounding villages have been closed for the past 10 days because of lock-down, the habitual drinkers had initiated having sanitizer utilized for hand hygiene.

The demised contain 3 beggars. 2 of them who habituated to beg in a regional temple complained of serious burning sensation in their own stomachs on Thu. night. Awhile a person passed away instantaneously, the other has been moved to a hospital (3) in Darsi where he ceded awhile undergoing medication.

The other 28-year-old person, who had consumed nation made liquor blended with a sanitizer, also fallen senseless in his own house. He passed away awhile being moved to hospital (3).

6 extra have been dashed to hospital (3) within the early hours of Fri. & they all ceded. Police have been trying to locate out in case extra citizens have been took to the hospital (3) with similar cases.

Supervisor of Police Siddharth Kaushal instructed a probe into the incident. He stated sanitizers have been captured from shops within the region & sent for chemical analysis.

Police have been trying to ascertain in case the sufferers have been utilizing only sanitizers (or) mixing it with some of the different chemicals.

Because of lock-down in Kurichedu & surrounding villages in see of the spike in COVID-19 instances, liquor shops have been closed for the past 10 days.

The demised have been detected as A. Srinu, 25, B. Tirupataiah, 37, G. Ramireddy, 60, Kadiam Ramaiah, 29, Ramanaiah, 65, Rajireddy, 65, Babu, 40, Charles, 45, Augustine, 47.