Plastic modular 67-yr-old Asghari Begum works for 14 hrs a day

Hyderabad(Hyd): 67-year-old Asghari Begum is a dynamic personality. She’s a plastic modular by profession. Even in this ripe age she’s extra active than youngsters. In an age when remaining take (2) retirement from work (5), Asghari Begum maintains herself busy in business operations for 14 hours a day.

Asghari Begum is the only child of her parents. Her dad Mr Mohammed Abdur Rahman nicknamed Babu Miyan has been an expert in black metal preparation. Asghari Begum started contributing her dad from a tender age of seven yrs.. Her dad habituated to repair horns, dashboards & headlights of cars like Ambassador & Fiat.

As of now Asghari Begum with her daughter repairs radiators, bumpers of all vehicles apart from seat base of 2 wheelers like Activa and so on. She earns INR 1500 daily with her daughter. She does repair work (5) on nominal charges. She states parts of antique cars aren’t available these days so she devises the parts by moulding them.

Asghari Begum starts her day with Fajr prayer & recitation of Quran. After maintaining aside some of the amount for yrs. she played Umrah within the yr. 2015. She wishes to do Hajj as well. Urging ladies to gain expertise in some of the (or) different skill, she states skill development (devt) is the finest way to earn livelihood.