Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Omkar locking Mayura inside the cage again. He informs her tomorrow is Karvachaut, even in case she fasts (or) not he’ll keep fast for her.

He touches her face & states he’ll pray that his own & Mayura’s togetherness is like this forever. Piyush & Manjiri are standing there too.

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Mayura jerks his own hand off her face. She breaks down & sits down within the cage. Next in the morning Manjiri begins praising Omkar ahead of Mayura for maintaining fast for her.

She imparts him apple to watch eat & informs him she’s named a wedded Brahmin lady for spiritual rituals & Piyush has gone to bring her.

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Afterwards Piyush comes with a ladies whose face is hidden by saree. Manjiri informs her to accomplish her work & informs Piyush to her amount envelope once work is finished. Piyush imparts her bowl of red chillies.

The lady goes near cage & calls Mayura, Mayura recognises her as her mom  & gets happy. Her mom apologises to her for her condition & states it’s her error that she’s trapped there.

Mayura informs her not to say so. She urges her to battle against Omkar ‘s evilness. She informs her that Karvachaut is a evidence that a female could even battle against Yamraj & that they’ve power of both goddess Durga & Kali.

Mayura informs her she’ll fight until she gets victory. Mayura cries after her mom leaves. Awhile she’s leaving, Manjiri calls her to come to her. Piyush & Mayura gain tensed. Mayura silently prays.

Manjiri imparts meal packet to her & informs her to eat it thereafter. Mayura feels relieved. She calls Omkar as Omkarji & informs him to forgive her, she informs him that Piyush made her know whole night that even although they’ve differences in thoughts, she’s to accept that he loves her a lot.

She informs him she’s prepared to accept him & need to stay with him. She informs him to give her a opportunity & that she desires to keep fast of Karvachaut for him. She informs she desires to give a new stage to their own relationship & pleads him to forgive her. She maintains crying.

Omkar looks on from dining table, afterwards he goes near Mayura & hugs her tightly. He caresses her face. Mayura informs him, he’s her personal life & she desires to approach his own heart.

Piyush informs him even in case it’s late Mayura has realised her error so he must forgive her as of now. Omkar informs he desired to forgive her from long however has been awaiting for Mayura. He informs Manjiri that Karvachaut Puja must be in home & not in temple. He’s quite happy.

Mayura hugs him & smirks. Omkar is doing preparations for Puja. Manjiri queries regarding sudden alter in Mayura’s behaviour. Omkar informs her Mayura desires to keep fast for him. Manjiri threatens him & tell him to keep his own eyes open & be careful.

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Mayura & Piyush debate regarding their own schedule. Omkar comes there, he informs Mayura to come out of cage as Manjiri desires to give her sargi. Even when she comes out, her saree corner remains trapped within the cage. She assures herself never to enter back within the cage.

Omkar requests her in case everything is okay. She informs him, before eating sargi she desires to gain blessing from goddess. She prays ahead of goddess idol & informs spouse like Omkar doesn’t deserve anything & why would anybody pray for his own longlife (or) fast for him. Chants play within the bgm.

Omkar holds Mayura’s hand & makes her sit, he places her saree on her head. Piyush informs he’ll click a pic. Mayura touches Manjiri’s ft & takes her blessing.

Mayura eats her sargi. Omkar informs her to eat correctly. Mayura informs she’ll eat correctly as she needs plenty of energy & doesn’t need to faint. Manjiri feels doubtful & imagines Omkar is falling weak however she’s to accomplish something. Manjiri informs Mayura to return in her cage.

Mayura pleads Omkar to let her stay outdoor. Manjri informs Omkar not to listen to her & that she’s just doing drama.

Manjiri maintains dragging Mayura to cage. Omkar informs Mayura won’t stay in cage however going to stay ahead of his own eyes.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 2nd November 2024 / (2-11-2020)

First episode date: 24 August, 2024
Network: Colors TV
Number of episodes: 38
Number of seasons: 1
Story by: Shrinita Bhomik; Bhavana Vyas

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Colors TV 9:00 pm(IST)

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Cast:

    • Riya Sharma
    • Sahil Uppal
    • Jaya Bhattacharya
    • Anindita Chatterjee
    • Uma Basu

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