Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th January 2024 Update: Guddan Fails To Show Proof

Guddan and AJ take the rounds. Guddan comes for the 3 rounds, in front. She is stressed. Antra says you can not conquer me Guddan. I conquered passing to conquer on you. I will not miss this moment. I’m coming.

Pandit ji claims this round will make you each others’ spouses. AJ states. I’ll live all of my life. Antra says cease and comes there. AJ is shocked. Antra says I’m here, Guddan is supporting the ghunghat.

AJ is dazed. Guddan takes her ghunghat off. Antra says she arrived and fainted me. This wedding can not occur.

Durga says that your wedding can not happen. I’ve evidence. Laxmi says we’ve got the evidence of her innocence. Let us watch it. Guddan is said by antra, you need to have asked me. I will not have completed this. I didn’t come here to marry AJ. You did not need to perform this particular drama. The reason why this insult? You and AJ married.

Once more. You repeated everything you did. Guddan says you’ve got no shame. Are you done? I have done that. How can I allow you to and AJ marry? I had evidence. Saru says I am scared.

We will be killed by antra. Guddan states AJ, I’ve the evidence. Can you give me an opportunity? I understand that you won’t say. The driveway is taken by guddan.

Guddan places the driveway on TV. She says you look great. Music plays. It’s music movies. Guddan is dazed. Durga says what’s that. Everybody is shocked. Durga says he gave the CCTV to me. Guddan is concerned. AJ states stop this crap. Cease this particular drama. Are you a kid? Guddan says it was replaced by her. Where did it move, I really don’t understand.

AJ says closed up. I gave you a second opportunity and sure you and you demonstrated I’m the idiot. Where’s your evidence everyone is different? Your evidence went off? All of a sudden. It is over. Antra states in the center. Thank you, guy. Once he took it out of 9, it was replaced by him.

Guddan states please try to comprehend. AJ says it has been lost by you. Are you the Guddan I adored? Guddan says how do you state this in anger? AJ says just like our kid was murdered by you in anger and self. I can not live without you. Dadi states please listen. AJ claims nobody will talk between us.

We’ll never be together. I gave you a second opportunity. Is this? The TV in anger divides. AJ states me filled. Did you take my kid and this? Why? Guddan states you are actually loved by me. Please trust me. I’ll never. AJ says you accused me of having an affair with Antra. I shall turn it. Nobody can stop me.

AJ states and retains the hands of Antra begin the mantra. This wedding will occur. Let us go Antra. Laxmi says please cease AJ. AJ states and akes Antra begin the marriage. You won’t quit. Guddan says I will not allow this man win. Lights go off.

AJ says what occurred to light? Kishor assess and go. Dadi states what happened? Perv claims that this home will be dim like this. Lights turn on. Antra is not there. AJ states where’s Antra? Saru state where’s she? Guddan is shouted by AJ. Perv states Guddan is gone.

Guddan pushes at Antra from the area. Antra says you seem funny. I know that it’s a critical situation. I have an advice for you. You can not do a critical role. Never provide audition. You are. Guddan strikes her and chooses things.

Antra states what exactly are you currently doing? Guddan says you will be killed by me. My children were murdered by you. I’ll take my sin. You will be killed by me. I’ll stab you. Antra states stop.

Guddan says that you gave me this annoyance. She states what pain? Antra says there wasn’t any kid. I made reports to make everybody. This was my strategy. My strategy succeeded. Guddan states do you have any pity? Antra says I’m amazing? Such plans that are incredible are made by me. Guddan says you will be killed by me.

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