Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 12th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Manjali States To Omkar This Is Eclipse Time.

Don’t Go Out. You Going to Gain The Information Just how Mayura Is Offended Today. You Don’t Have To Go Out. He States Fine Ma.

Pushpa (Housemaid Who Manjali Fired) Cries. She States My Child Isn’t Breathing. She Cries. Mayura States What Happened To Him.

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The People Say You Had come Again. Mayura States Shut Up. Personal life Going to End. The Lady States Please Safeguard My Son. Mayura Treats Him. A Lady States This Child Won’t Live From This Cursed Lady’s Hand.

The Child Stops Breathing. Everybody States She Died The Child. Mayura States To The Mom, Don’t Worry. I Am Here. Mayura Imparts Him CPR & Meds. The Child Is Out Of Danger. The Lady States You Safeguard My Child.

Piyush States Did You All Watch? This Is Why Doctors Are God On The Planet. The Lady States I Don’t Really know Just how To Appreciate You. My Child Would Have Passed away Today. Mayura States I Am A Doctor, This Is My Work.

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She States You’re Devi. Sartaj Doesn’t Really know, He Wound A Devi. The Kid States Appreciate You Didi. She Imparts Him Meds. The Lady States Your Dues? Mayura States Don’t Worry Regarding It.

Omkar States Ma Eclipse Is Over. I Am Going Out. She States I Am Also Going To The Village. Take Care Of Yourself. He States Yes Maa. Mayura Comes. Omkar Turns Back. He Shouts Balli.. Balli Requests People To Come There In Black Cloth.

He States Bhabhi Is Here. Omkar States Mayura Not Bhabhi. Omkar States Just how Dare You Come Here? She States This Is A Swamp. I Never Need To Back Here & I Haven’t Stepped In. I Am Here To Repatriate Your Amount.

Mayura Recalls Omkar Leaving The 11 Rupees There. Pushpa States You I Provided You Citizens All My Personal life & You Didn’t Care Regarding Son’s Personal life. Mayura Didi Saved Him. Mayura States Humanity Is Greater Than Everything.

Here Are Your 11 Rupees, & Puspha As A Doctor Is My 1st Earning. Mayura Leaves Coins There & States Keep This As Shagun On My Great Personal life Far away From You. Mayura Leaves. Omkar States You Deserve A Special Prize For This.

Let’s Make Your Special Day Extra Special. Omkar Requests Balli To Invite All His own Goon Friends. He States There Going to Be A Party Tonight For All Of Them. Mayura Comes House. It’s All Dark. MAyura States Who Is Here? She Sees A Shadow.

Lights Turn On. It’s All Decorated. Everybody Sings Her Happy B-day. Piyush Hugs Her & States Happy B-day. Mayura Cuts The Cake. Ashu Dances With Mayura. The Song Budhu Sa Person Plays. Everybody Dances With Mayura.

Ashu States Minty Never Forgets Her B-day. Dadi States She Utilized To Tell Everybody It’s My Happy B-day. Mayura States I Utilized To Wake Up Di In 12 & Inquire Her To Wish Me. Ashu States We Are All Here For You.

Dadi States She Utilized To Inquire Am I Born Again? Surekha States I Gave You Birth Once However You Gave Yourself A New Personal life. Mayura States Dadi, Won’t You Take The Evil Eye Off Me To Keep My Beauty As It Is? Dadi States No.

Your Beauty Doesn’t Issue To Me As of now. Your Happiness Matters To Me. I Going to Take The Evil Eye Off However To Keep Your Happiness As It Is. Dadi Does Her Arti. Piyush States Mayura Everything Going to Be Great As of now.

You Going to Fix Whatever Goes Unfair. Sanjay States Happy B-day Mayura. You Have Already Won My Demonstrating Omkar Reality. Surekha Imparts Her A Gift. Ashu States To Make A Wish Like You All the time Accomplish.

Mayura States I Only Have 1 Wish, To Face Everything Boldy. Not To Give Up. No Issue What Happens. Omkar Sees Mayura’s Photo On A Board. Omkar Smashes The Cake & States Happy B-day To You.. Balli & Different Goons Come In.

Piyush States What Is This? He States It’s A Party. They Bring In Dances & Dance In Mayura’s Home. They Are All Drunk. Mayura Sits In A Corner. The Dancers Dance About Them. They Drink About The Home. Mayura Cries.

The Goons Shove Them Out Of The Home. The Leave The Home. Omkar States I Informed You Mayura I Going to Take Everything. Your Home Taken It. You Desired To Live In A Globe Free Of Me Right? As of now Live Under The Sky. I Taken Your House Too.

They Walk On The Road. Sanjay States Let Omi Accomplish What He Desires. You Could Come To My Place. It’s My Own House. Mayura States I Could’t Go There. Piyush States Megha Is Alone In House Too. You Must Go House.

Mayura Cries. Ashu States Don’t Be Upset. Mayura States You Have To Suffer All This Because Of Me. Surekha States Don’t Say That. You’re Our Daughter. We Are 1. Never Say Anything Like That. Ashu States We Are With You All the time. We Won’t Be Your Weakness.

Omkar Imparts Sweets To Manjali. He States Balli Informed Me Mayura Had To Leave Her Home In Night. Omkar States Happy B-day Mayura. Piyush States Mayura.. He Extends His own Hand. Mayura Holds His own Hand. He Takes Her To A Decorated Place.

It Has Happy B-day Mayura Printed On The Wall. Piyush States House Is Made From Entire family. We Are All Together. So This Is House. Let’s Celebrate Here. He Makes Her Wear A Tiara. Surekha Ties A Piece Of Her Saree On Her Hand.

Ashu Makes Her A Butterfly From Papers. Dadi Imparts Her Bangles To Her. Piyush States Let’s Cut The Cake. They Cut A Small Cake. Mayura Makes Everybody Eat The Cake. Omkar Looks In Them From His own Car. He’s Angry. He Drinks.

He States I Had come To Watch Her Crying Face However She’s Happy. They Are On Road. Just how Could They Be Happy? I Could’t Murder You. I Don’t Need To Murder Anybody However I Have To Accomplish That. Your Happiness Doesn’t Issue To Me. I Going to Drive Over Your Happiness. He Drinks.

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First episode date: 24 August, 2024
Network: Colors TV
Number of episodes: 38
Number of seasons: 1
Story by: Shrinita Bhomik; Bhavana Vyas

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Cast:

    • Riya Sharma
    • Sahil Uppal
    • Jaya Bhattacharya
    • Anindita Chatterjee
    • Uma Basu

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