Petrol pump booked for tampering kiosks to cheat customers

Chittoor: Police in AP’s Chittoor raided a petrol pump & reportedly identified a tampered fuel-dispensing machine, that the policemen claimed, has been habituated to deceive clients.

“Acting on info given to us from a source, we identified 2 chips within the keypad of the machine that has been habituated to tamper with the reading. The chips were captured,” stated Eswar Reddy, Dist. Supervisor of Police.

The kiosk, police officer said, has been compromised utilizing a microchip & has been identified to be dispensing diesel & petrol 40 millimeters less per liter. Awhile the ability’s manager was detained, a complaint was lodged over its boss.

“The manager of the petrol pump, Venkatrao, was taken into custody. A complaint was lodged over the petrol pump boss, the manager & the seller of the chips,” Reddy stated awhile interacting with journalists on Fri..

In case a machine in filling-stations tampers, it imparts false readings because of integrated chips. This show disproportionate readings, that in simple terms mean clients paying extra for lesser than desired fuel.

Reddy stated that inquiry disclosed the boss of the petrol pump, Srinivas Rao, had purchased the chips for INR one lakh in Feb.