Pavitra Bhagya 4th September 2024 Written Episode Update: Reyansh fights with Pranati for Archit

nati look in every different. Jugnu gets up & moves far away however they continue looking in every different. Jugnu requests Bandar Papa in case he wont take (2) revenge from Nayi Ma. Reyansh smirks in Pranati. She hides behind everybody 1 by 1. They gain drenched within the procedure however she manages to escape. He locates her hiding behind a pillar. He chases her across the home as she runs far away again. She approaches a passed end. This time he blocks her way. It’s time to take (2) revenge. She informs him she doesn’t like all this. He states you have been something else outdoor however you had become boring here once again. Just how boring, Prani! He holds her hand as she tries to walk far away. Ishq hai plays. Pranati closes her eyes as he breaks the water balloons on her head. They distribute a long eye lock. He moves closer. She closes her eyes as well. Jugnu throws flower petals on them. Where are you lost, Bandar Papa? There have been extra balloons. She imparts them flower petals. Reyansh & Pranati throw them in every different.

All this youngsters are dancing as of now. Pranati & Riya have a hearty laugh seeing the boys dance with Jugnu. Reyansh lifts Jugnu awhile dancing. Pranati smiles seeing them therefore. Vardhan watches them from upstairs. His own eyes are fixed on Pranati. There is something regarding her that is missing in Anisha. Reyansh notices Archit’s incoming call on Pranati’s phone & gets upset. He looks in Pranati who’s happily dancing with Jugnu. He shows the phone to Pranati. She states I couldn’t hear it due to all this noise. Just how can you hear it? He replies that I should be alert in case some of the outsider going to call my family (4) member in odd hours. She wonders why Archit is calling her now. He maintains the phone in her hand. Accomplish inquire your friend that. Pranati participates Archit’s call. Is everything fine? He declines. Navya is not in a great condition & no 1 is in house. Could you come now? She agrees. Pranati informs Jugnu her friend is unwell. enjoy here. I’ll be back shortly. Jugnu tries to say something however Reyansh informs her to let Pranati go. He informs Pranati to confess that she’s going to meet her lover. Pranati takes him aside. Think before informing something. Atleast mind your language ahead of Jugnu. What would she be thinking? He states your actions are worse than my words. What have been you doing? You’re going to meet your ex within the middle of the night. What going to Jugnu think? She informs him to keep his own thoughts to himself. I don’t have time for this nonsense. don’t forget that Navya is now in this condition due to you, your family (4) & your brother. He tries to block her however she doesn’t let him talk. Have you imagined regarding Navya’s condition? He calls her Mom Teresa. I wasn’t born y’day. I really know the fact. She informs him to think whatever he wants to. I’m going there so the implications of the ill-doings of your family (4). Quite frequently, children have to bear the brunt of the misdeeds of their own parents. He claps for her. You’re blaming my family (4) to conceal your sins. Don’t you remember what you’ve finished? She informs him it’s no point speaking to him. I actually don’t care what you think. Navya needs me. I’ll be with her. You can’t block me. He holds her hand as she tries to leave. He calls out to Maan. Pranati informs him to let go of her.

Reyansh requests Maan in case Navya is unwell. Maan is clueless. Reyansh requests Maan just how he doesn’t really know this. Pranati requests him why Maan would really know. Maan shares that he has been taking care of Navya upon Reyansh’s askance. I has been with her because he informed me to look after her. Pranati requests Reyansh in case he has been doing all this for Navya. Maan nods. Reyansh also imagines Armaan wasn’t right. He wants nothing else to go unfair with Navya again. Reyansh requests him why Archit is calling Prani when he informed him to take (2) care of this issue. Pranati replies that Archit is her friend. Tell me why you stated that ahead of my daughter. Accomplish you need to offend me ahead of my daughter? You’ve no right to accomplish so. Are you trying to prove you’re nice by trying to support Navya secretly? You’re doing both the things simultaneously. What kinda a human are you? I’m getting to spend quite a few moments of happiness with my daughter. She’s happy about me rarely, talks gently to me. I need to spend them with my daughter. I don’t really know what she should be thinking of me as of now. You ruin everything great within the end. Cope with me directly in case you’ve issues with me. Don’t try to create issues between me & Jugnu. Reyansh moves far away.

Dadi compliments Reyansh on his own idea to attract his own daughter. Keep Jugnu far from Pranati. He states that’s what I’m doing. She states Pranati wouldn’t were within the party in case you have been doing that. He informs her all this takes time. I’ll accomplish it. Just chill. She stops him. I don’t have much time. Pranati must be out of this home in 10 days. She goes.