Over 252 people’s plasma saved 400 lives of COVID-19 patients

Hyderabad(Hyd): On Fri., Cyberabad Police, in association with Community for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), felicitated 252 Plasma yodhas/plasma soldiers who donated plasma to 400 recipients after their own recovery from COVID-19 using plasma donate site.

This plasma donations have been finished as the SCSC initiated an on-line link (connection) just recently named donateplasma.scsc.in that has been developed to connect the plasma donors & recipients on 1 platform. This on-line platform link (connection) shall make sure that all this plasma donors are lodged & a database is retained. The appeal lodged are flashed to all donors lodged by notifications immediately.

The Cyberabad Commissionerate has initiated different awareness campaigns on plasma donation using video footage & quotations banners.

Talking on the occasion, Star Chiranjeevi stated, “Plasma is the only resolution until the vaccine has been invented. Plasma Donation is the Sanjeevani to Crucial COVID sufferers. Citizens must be aware on importance of plasma donation within the current status.” He appealed all this recovered people to come forward & help. He hopes that citizens must fear Coronavirus. Plasma donation must outweigh Coronavirus instances.

He appealed all this COVID-19 soldiers those have fought the infection successfully & who have been symptomatic must come forward to donate Plasma. Their own 500 ml Plasma going to safeguard 3 people & bring happiness to families.  3 needy people going to gain RBC, Plasma, Platelets. 1 could recover the plasma with in 72 hours.

Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, VC Sajjanar stated that it’s a proud moment to felicitate these Yodhas who saved lives of  sufferers & also thanked their own family (4) members for help & encouragement.  “To support everybody in crises time is our culture,” he state. With the inspiration of blood donation drive, the Plasma donation drive initiated in Cyberabad. Plasma donation is a social responsibility. The plasma donors solutions are equal to God. Commissioner appealed people to come forward & donate plasma & Plasma donation is a social responsibility.

The Commissioner cautioned everybody about plasma donation fraudsters. Fraudsters are deceiving innocent citizens within the name of plasma donations. The CP alerted the citizens who’re deceiving remaining within the name of plasma donors & inquired the people to record to the number 9490617444.

SCSC Gen. secretary Krishna Yedula stated that till date Cyberabad police received large number of citizens database of donors. It’s not so easy to match the blood of donors & recipient. Cyberabad Police formed separate groups & coordinating every different to categorize blood teams & support the needy citizens. The Cyberabad COVID curb room is getting daily appeals for blood & plasma requirement. The citizens who recovered from positive signs to negative signs must donate plasma & safeguard different lives.

Cyberabad Police & SCSC are implementing regualr blood/Plasma donation drives across Hyderabad(Hyd), Rachakonda & Cyberabad.