Oil tanker runs aground off Mauritius coast, leading to wildlife fears

A tanker is leaking oil after racing aground off the coat of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius – & authorities are requesting for support to block it affecting wildlife.

It is being named an “environmental crises status” by this Mauritian govt.

Measures to stabilise the ship & pump out oil were unsuccessful due to rough seas.

There have been worries that it can break it completely, causing pollution damage to the island’s coastline & ecosystem.

“This is the for the first time that we’re faced with a catastrophe of this kind, & we’re insufficiently prepared to handle this issue,” stated fishing minister Sudheer Maudhoo.

The nation is hopeful that neighboring countries could support to tackle the issue before it worsens.

The ship has been carrying 200 tonnes of diesel & 3,800 tonnes of heavy oil however no 1 has been wound & all crew were evacuated from it successfully.

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