No delay in disposing body of COVID-19 victims: Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad(Hyd): The state run Gandhi Hospital (3) on Tue. rubbished records of a 7 to 8 hour delay in disposing the body of a COVID-19 patient & stated it couldn’t be shifted for sometime because employees weren’t available because of the ongoing strike by non-regular employees.

Records in a segment of the media said that the body of the COVID-19 patient wasn’t eliminated even after 7 hours, leading to a foul smell emanating from it.

Hospital (3) Supervisor Raja Rao stated the patient concerned moved far away in one PM & an ECG should be taken for confirmation. Tbe required documentation should be finished.

“The body couldn’t be shifted for sometime as only some normal employees have been available due to the strike by non-regular employees,” he stated.

The hospital (3) also had to manage 6 Intensive Care Units & all different wards with the available employees & concentrate extra on patient care & medication, he stated.

…”however it (delay) is not seven-eight hours. & during the time, a body won’t putrefy & give out a foul smell,” he stated.

The hospital (3) would make measures to make sure that such incidents don’t recur, he stated.

The non-regular nursing employees within the hospital (3) were on strike for the past couple of days in help of their own insists, involving job security & hike in wages.

The govt has already ensured them that their own insists would be looked into, officer sources stated.

The sanitation & security employees functioning on outsourcing basis also went on strike on Tue.

The outsourcing contractor was informed that action would be taken in case they don’t record for work, the sources stated. Gandhi Hospital (3) is the designated govt hospital (3) for COVID-19 sufferers.