17-year-old killed in elephant attack in Andhra’s Chittoor

Chittoor: A 17-year-old lady lost her personal life in an elephant attack here on Wed., Ravishankar, Chittoor West Dist. forest official reported.

According to the official, the lady, Sonia, has been assaulted by this elephant who had ventured out of a forest reserve regarding 75 meters far away.

“The sufferer & her family (4) have been staying within the Mallamuru village about 75 meters from that Krishnagiri forest reserve in Hosur in TN. An elephant escaped from that reserve & had come to the village about one am last night. Sonia & her mom went out to watch it. The elephant assaulted the duo & Sonia passed away on the location,” he stated.

“The mom is now in shock with the incident & was taken to Kuppam govt hospital (3). Lady’s dad Murugan, who has been far away in some of the gap, escaped the attack,” he added further.

DFO Ravishankar, AP & TN forest authorities toured the location. A complaint has been lodged under in the Kuppam Police Station & an inquiry is in progress.