Naseem gets back her money in account but faces new challenge

Hyderabad(Hyd): Poverty-stricken lady of old city whose amount had suddenly disappeared from her Indian Bank account(a/c) has got (1) back the amount in her

account(a/c).Although, the disturbed Naseem Begum is as of now facing a new challenge, because the police & bank authorities are enforcing her to put her signature on some of the papers.

The lady fails to know the want for such signature.

The lady, who’s singlehandedly looking after her daughters & her handicapped spouse, had deposited INR One lakh 32 thousand within the Pahadi Shareef Branch of Indian Bank. Although, the money suddenly went missing from that account(a/c).

The record has been posted in LD that created flutters in govt circles. The issue has been investigated after that the amount has been deposited as secretly as it has been withdrawn.

Naseem Begum wants to really know just how the money disappeared & afterwards again surfaced within the bank. She suspects the character performed by this bank manager & the police during this overall procedure. Police reportedly need to protect bank employees.

The lady is being obliged to sign on some of the papers before withdrawing the amount. She’ll be permitted to withdraw the money 4 days after signing the papers.

Naseem Begum has insisted justice from city police commissioner.

Nasreen Begum stitches clothes & works as maid to take (2) care of her handicapped spouse & 6 daughters. She suddenly had become penniless when she all of a sudden lost her hard-earned amount.

Nasreen Begum habituated to safeguard INR 2000 rupees monthly in a bank that had come to INR 1,32,000. However the money went missing from her account(a/c) out of blue.

Throughout lock-down when there has been no earning, she headed for the bank to withdraw some of the amount for the daily expenses however the bank employees repatriated her multiple times granting the excuse of rush & being busy.

When she demanded a bank staff disclosed that she’s not a single rupee in her bank account(a/c).

The revelation has been a bolt from that blue for Nasreen Begum. She’d saved the amount by cutting short multiple required expenses to safeguard the amount for the marriage of her 6 daughters.

Her spouse had become handicapped from he has been wounded in an crash. From afterwards Nasreen was stitching clothes & functioning in homes as a housemaid.

When no 1 made payment heed to her plight, Nasreen Begum made a case with DCP south zone on Aug fifth & is awaiting for justice.