Narasimha Rao with Bahadur Yar Jung – A pic is worth 1000 words

Hyderabad(Hyd): With the Sun. announcement of TRS govt that it’d be holding year-long centenary celebrations of previous PM P V Narasimha Rao’s birth anniversary, the legacy of the son Telangana (TL) was mired in controversy.

It’s a truth that the supreme leader of the Congress Sonia Gandhi didn’t like PV, as the late prime minister in well-known, for different reasons. 1 main problem has been that he allegedly didn’t correctly acknowledge the ‘supremacy’ of Nehru-Gandhi clan awhile serving as PM.

Although, TRS leader & CM of Telangana (TL) K Chandrasekhar Rao has woken as many as the ‘legacy’ of the late leader after 1 & a half decade of his own demise & endorsed him. This he’s doing for evident political reasons involving finishing off the Congress in Telangana (TL).

PV was a political activist from his own student days.  He stridently fought over the rule of the last Nizam of Hyderabad(Hyd) State, Mir Osman Ali Khan. As a consequence, he has been expelled out of the state. He chose to go to Nagpur & continue his own political operations from there.

However throughout his own initial student days, he has been also witnessed with the pro-Nizam circles. Within the photograph below, he’s witnessed standing right behind Bahdur Yar Jung, a famous leader who thereafter headed the afterwards Majlis party.

The picture above, is from an event in Idara-e-Adbiyat-e-Urdu, that is as of now located in Punjagutta. It’s a reminder of the trajectory that Hyderabad(Hyd) & some of the of its prominent natives have taken.