Naga Bhairavi 14th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Naga Bhairavi 14 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (14-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Naga Bhairavi 13th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Sam ensures her Mom informing.

She’ll send NagArjun to Dream analyst to really know regarding his own recurrent dreams for resolution. Shakuntala states she won’t believe them.

NagArjun states Dream analyst won’t lie & analyze our dreams. Shakuntala agrees than Sam requests him to go.

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Bhairavi busily reads her book. Zarina requests her to join so they could revisit their own village however Bhairavi requests them to leave her alone informing she’s busy. They leaves than Veerabhadram goes to Bhairavi room.

Reports her that he enquired regarding Black magician however their own is no info however their own is Swamiji who could tell our past & future & in case we meet him than he’ll helps to really know what happens to you that day.

Bhairavi excitedly goes with Veerabhadram to Tantrick & Requests him won’t disclose it anybody Veerabhadram agrees & takes Bhairavi. NagArjun meets Dream Analyst. Doctor states dreams could be due to our memories.

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Even when we sleep our brain is active & sometimes its shows our fantasies. NagArjun states what regarding my normal dream. Doctor states maybe it’s linked to you, what else you watch except from Snakes & Anthill.

NagArjun states their own is 1 lady who sings & she’s the same lady who attempted to protect me from snakes. Doctor requests did he saw her some of the where. NagArjun states he couldn’t remember that lady face once he woke up.

Doctor makes NagArjun goes to trance & than NagArjun again gets dream, Doctor requests him to circular the lady face clearly till he remembers her face. NagArjun states he observed her clearly & states that he could remember that lady.

Doctor gets him out from trance & requests regarding his own dream lady & requests whether he met that lady directly. NagArjun remembers it’s Bhairavi & standsup in shock & informs to Doctor that he met her accidentally & even resided in their own house too.

Doctor states their own might be past (or) present between you & that lady, formerly all events are incidental not accidental & you’ve some of the bond between you. Veerabhadram takes Bhairavi to Tantrick & presents Tantrick as Swamiji.

Tantrick acts like Swamiji & requests who’re they. Veerabhadram states mP & MLAs come to this Swamiji & requests her accomplish namaskar. Bhairavi folds her hands. Tantrick requests her to sit. Bhairavi inquire him regarding what happened to her on Jathara day?

& states that she won’t believe Swamijis like him. Tantrick requests why she had come to him when she won’t believe him? & states they you’ve to believe my words. Bhairavi requests why. Than Tantrick remembers Veerabhadram words regarding Bhairavi.

Nagarakshabandham & Bhairavi studies in foreign & just how she got to know regarding her brother dissaperarance secret. Tantrick informs everything like he knows regarding just how Bhairavi saved Malli & just how NagArjun had come to her place.

Bhairavi states all these are right. Tantrick states 1 black magician tries to utilize you for his own work & that’s what happened formerly so let me tie taweez to your hand as protection from him.

Veerabhadram requests Bhairavi to make her wear than Bhairavi requests Tantrick to tie it to her hand. Tantrick ties to her hand & requests her to conceal it from everybody informing this Taweez going to safeguard her. Bhairavi hides it with her dress.

Live Telecast Days: Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 13th November 2024 / (14-11-2020)

Initial release: 28 February 2014
Director: Paul Factor
Story by: Rupesh Paul
Screenplay: Sherin Catherine
Producers: P Durai Samy, Chintalapudi Vasu

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee Telugu : 7.30 PM (IST)
Zee Telugu HD : 7.30 PM

Naga Bhairavi Cast:

  • Ramya Krishnan
  • Yashmi Gowda
  • Pawon Sae
  • Kalki raja
  • Ashwini

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