Naga Bhairavi 12th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Naga Bhairavi 12 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (12-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Naga Bhairavi 11th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With NagArjun talks with Bhairavi.

Sam comes to them & sees that Pa is sitting in boss chair. NagArjun realizes he’s imagining Bhairavi in her.

Sam scolds Pa & sends her far away than requests Arjun whether he’s romancing with Pa. NagArjun states no, I make her sit.

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Sam requests why he make her sit in his own chair. NagArjun states he don’t really know. Sam states your behavior turned when you repatriate from Nagavaram, what happened to you. NagArjun states nothing & goes informing he have gathering with distributors.

Sam thinks whether Arjun is hiding anything from her. Bhairavi imagines regarding recent incident. Zarina states she felt sad seeing her Dad offends. Bhairavi states I didn’t know why I goes to that place because I didn’t remember anything.

I just heard someone voice, thereafter I heard My Granny voice that’s it. Zarina & Julie requests why she’s cunning to them. Veerabhadram tries to hear their own convo. Bhairavi states she’s not cunning. Zarina requests Bhairavi to forget regarding temple issue.

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Bhairavi states she won’t leave it till what happens to her brother & I should really know what happens to me that night so I need to really know the secrets of that temple & why all these regulations in Pournami time than only I could really know.

What happened to my brother & even something happened to me however I won’t block the procedure till I identified the secrets. Veerabhadram states so she’s here to identified her brother not for entire family.

NagArjun admires Bhairavi pictures in his own mobile. Chinnu dances for butts bomma, Sam praises Chinnu. Durga imparts tea to NagArjun however he sees Bhairavi in her & requests just how is she.

Make her sit in sofa informing they’ve to service her tea & admires her. Sam & her Atta looks everything in shock. Durga loos stunned. NagArjun requests her to talk with him. Sam scolds him for speaking differently with their own housemaid.

Requests what happened to him. NagArjun states nothing, I make her sit because labour are all the time busy that’s why. Chinnu states it’s like covering. NagArjun states their own is nothing unfair in his own respect & escapes from the place.

Sam imagines NagArjun is behaving like he’s missing someone, what might be the reason. Veerabhadram goes to Tantrik & reports him that Bhairavi had come to village to really know regarding her brother.

She’s intelligent so she won’t go from here till she identified the fact & in case she got the fact than our personal life’s going to gain completed. Tantrick requests him to gain Bhairavi hair to utilize her for their own work. Veerabhadram agrees.

Malli approaches to Bhairavi place & requests why Bhairavi looks worried? Whether it’s because your Dad slap Infront of Peasants? In case we accomplish unfair everybody going to accuse our elders & your Dad loves you.

However why you need to enter that temple even after knowing it’s prohibited. Bhairavi states she didn’t went to temple however everybody is informing I went to temple however I didn’t remember anything.

Malli imagines whether she’s informing fact (or) lie than she requests Bhairavi to remind everything. Bhairavi imagines than 1 idea strikes her. Malli requests whether she remember it. Bhairavi leaves informing I’ll identified 1 way to really know it so I’ll tell you after knowing it. Malli looks on.

Live Telecast Days: Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 11th November 2024 / (12-11-2020)

Initial release: 28 February 2014
Director: Paul Factor
Story by: Rupesh Paul
Screenplay: Sherin Catherine
Producers: P Durai Samy, Chintalapudi Vasu

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Zee Telugu : 7.30 PM (IST)
Zee Telugu HD : 7.30 PM

Naga Bhairavi Cast:

  • Ramya Krishnan
  • Yashmi Gowda
  • Pawon Sae
  • Kalki raja
  • Ashwini

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