Mother hangs self a day after 10-year-old son’s suicide

Ranchi: A mom who has been in shock over the suicide of her son aged-10 on Sun., stopped her personal life by hanging herself with a ceiling fan on Mon., the police officer said.

As per the police, Rekha Dadel, 40, a native of the Namkom area of the Jharkhand(JH) capital, attempted suicide. She has been in shock over her son Bobby’s suicide.

Rekha & her spouse had gone to Rourkela in Odisha on Sat.. After watching a tik-talk video footage on Sun. in the morning, Bobby taken a chair & his own mom’s dupatta (long scarf) to the bathroom.

When his own sister Jia, 13, inquired the reason for moving chair to the bathroom, he made excuses.

Bobby attempted suicide within the bathroom.

The police questioned his own brother Sunny, 15, & Jia regarding the suicide & are enquiring in case any videogame prompted Bobby to attempt suicide.