Molly Jane’s rule makes statewide database to track repeat sex offenders in Texas

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed and passed a bill into act/law that could make a database.

Friday, A signing ceremony was held. This month the bill took effect.

The action called”Molly Jane’s Law” is known as Tarrant County school student Molly Matheson.

The 22-year-old raped and was strangled in her Fort Worth flat.

Reginald Kimbro, the defendant, was a defendant in strikes.

To get each and every sex crime they explore, Texas law enforcement should enter information under this law.

“This will allow law enforcement access to advice regarding possible serial rapists and sexual criminals later on. No longer should we ever have a Molly Jane Matheson,” Gov. Abbott stated.

Investigators said DNA evidence connected the assault and a second assault on a girl in Plano of Matheson and Kimbro, on South Padre Island Together with some 2014 rape.

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