Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 29th October 2024 Daily Episode Starts With The series starts with Guneet Amber requesting where her earrings are. It’s in the morning & there’s a plenty of noise within the home so Nia maintains her ears closed. Pammy requests Nia to have breakfast.

After Amber locates Guneet’s earrings, Amber & Guneet come to the kitchen for breakfast. He enforces Gunate to leave the workplace however she informs him to go by taxi. Amber requests Nia not to demand.

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Guneith & Amber go to the residing room, where Guneith utilizes her work on her own & states she was utilizing a taxi for the last twenty yrs.

& that nothing going to alter after she become Mr. She requests him to call the cab in case he desires his own spouse to accomplish something. Amber vacation.

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When Guneth goes outdoor, she sees no cab however instead Amber unloads her bike with a swatch cleansing. She essays that he hasn’t named the cab. Amber informs her that he named the cab however canceled it.

She requests what. Amber replies that it’s not required to continue what she was doing for twenty yrs. & invites her to sit on his own two-wheeler. He shines on it & on him.

He requests her not to look in it like it has been the same two-wheeler he’d left his own heart to her. Guneet agrees to go to the workplace with Amber on her two-wheeler because she’s late.

On the different hand, as Nia confronts Rishi regarding liking her. Ish Shi informs Nia that she’s not been able to decide:

Is she nerdy sufficient to really know the answer (or) is she wise sufficient to really know it however desires to hear it from him?

Nia requests what they mean. Rishi replies that he likes her over a friend. She’s regarding to walk far away however he stops her & grabs her wrist.

She knows she still feels for Kabir & she never feels like him however he informs her that he can’t alter his own emotions due to her. Nia requests him to drop his own hand.

Rishi does it & informs him that he understood she has been reacting like that, so he never informed her. Nia jokes that he did her a nice favor & states she imagined he gave her such a big opportunity for her creativity & capability.

Rishi states that he imagined she initiated to know him. He requests in case she actually imagines he ruled to give her a mln value of firm just because he likes her.

He states that regarding Venet, he gets sufficient citizens to handle it. There is a takeover announcement tonight & in case she comes in & states she’ll take it as she accepts the chance, the call is hers. Nia huffs leaving the room.

Within the meanwhile, Amber is taking Guneet to the workplace on his own two-wheeler. He applies a sudden break that pushes her towards him.

Afterwards he grabs her hand & places it on his own shoulder however she deletes it. “Humsafar Hai Sabhi” plays. He puts it on his own shoulder again.

Amber stops the two-wheeler within the cafe. Gunit calls Mr. Mehra & requests him where he’s. After cutting the call, she’d to notify Mehrali after she got there & she had come late however as of now she informs Amber that he’s coming. Amber states in case she’d accepted to the two-wheeler she’d not were late.

Amber & Guneith observe a young couple doing romance. Amber states citizens begin from anywhere. The couple come close to kissing & Guneith & Amber are immediately embarrassed.

They both put their own hands on the two-wheeler. Amber gradually turns her hand towards Guneeth. She knows regarding that however is ashamed & moves her hand far away. Ambir tries to approach her hand again. She smiles. Before touching Amber Guneet’s hand, she goes to watch Mr Mehra.

Mr Mehra argues with Guneet for being late. She states she’s a issue in house: she’s a lady & she should handle the home as well.

Mehra states ladies must stay house afterwards. Amber comes in & blames Mehra & apologizes. Mehra states she’ll not purchase any product from Guneet.

Gunith & Amber repatriate house. Guneet rejects to take Amber to any of his own meetings. When she goes in, she locates Swara there. Swara invites her & Amber to a party tomorrow.

They say they could announce their own engagement. Nia comes down the stairs & Gunate reports her regarding the party. Swara leaves.

Guneet requests what happened, noticing that Nia is sad. She has been hosting parties in Kabir’s home however as of now he appears to be getting far away.

They sit together. Gunit states he as of now has a girlfriend, so they’re getting far away. She suggests Nia to continue & requests regarding RV as she imagines Rishi likes her.

Nia rejects it & sums that she’s not interested. Guneet reports her that Kabir may announce her engagement in the party. Nia is repulsed.

She states she’s a job. Guneet recommends not letting love go far from his own personal life again. Nia sadly moves into a corner.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 29th October 2024 / (29-10-2020)

First episode date: 11 November 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 149
Directed by: Anshuman Kishore Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Varun Badola
Networks: Sony Entertainment Television, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:
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SET: 10:30 pm (IST)
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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Cast

  • Varun Badola
  • Anjali Tatrari

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