Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 9 September 2024: Preeta Asks Karan To Stand By Her Side

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Karan calls the police to detain Preeta. When the police watch proof that Karan wedded Preeta twice, they too decide to help Preeta. Rishabh also supports Preeta by informing that his own family (4) are unfair & Preeta didn’t try to kidnap him.

The police threaten to detain Karan & his own family (4) in case they don’t accept Preeta. Karan shocks everybody when he accepts Preeta as his own spouse. The police inspector assures to repatriate & see on Preeta frequently.

Within the upcoming daily episode, the police inspector states that she wants to watch Preeta’s grah pravesh happen before she leaves. She warns to detain the Luthra family (4) in case they reject.

Rakhi informs Kareena that she’s stunned by Preeta’s actions. She states that it’s her error for loving Preeta so much that she’s as of now hurting them.

The police also inquire Mahira & Sherlyn to decorate Karan’s bedroom for the suhag raat. Mahira cries & leave not been able to bear the offend.

Sarla is worried in case she did the right thing by sending Preeta to the Luthra Home. Srishti persuades her that Preeta is brave sufficient to take (2) on anybody.

Rishabh informs Karan that he’s happy to watch him taking up the responsibilities of being a spouse seriously as of now.

Preeta is preparing to make her entry as a part of the Luthra family (4). She requests Karan to stand next to her awhile she arrives the home.

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