Choti Sarrdarrni 9th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Meher starts doubting Vikram

The daily episode begins with Sarab requests Aditi in case Vikram is thinking something deeply. Aditi states that he always imagines regarding complaint & calls Vikram. He pours drinks for them. Harleen states that she feels they’ll be successful couple after marriage. Aditi states that he’s quite romantic in real & Vikram recites his own poem. Sarab states that he too recites poem like him.

Vikram recites the other poem & Meher gets affected. Meher requests Aditi in case this is their own 1st relationship. Vikram states he doesn’t really know regarding Aditi however his own 1st love is someone else. Meher gets stunned & Vikram states that even today he loves her over Aditi. He afterwards clarifies that it’s his own work & his own country. Meher gets snacks for them.

Vikram requests regarding Sarab & Meher’s love post. Aditi calls them made for every different awhile they’re mad in every different. Aditi states that Satan’s face glows with Meher’s name & Harleen agrees. Sarab states regarding their own 1st meet. He states regarding their own misunderstanding. Meher states that that’s the reason she always states that before Sarab Param is her 1st love. Sarab teases her. Aditi requests who stated I love you 1st. They recall their own failed attempts to reveal.

Sarab leaves to gain drink however Vikram offers to gain it from him. Vikram forwards drink to Sarab & Meher forwards juice to Sarab. She requests him to try for her. Sarab understands her schedule & takes juice apologizing Vikram. Harleen requests Aditi regarding their own relationship. He states that their own relationship initiated only quite a few mos back in hospital (3).

Meher recalls Manav getting stabbed. Meher drops the tray. Harleen & Sarab takes her with them. Harleen requests why has been he in hospital (3). He states that they just met like that & fallen in love. Meher leaves to washroom awhile Harleen & Aditi leaves to prepare dinner.

Sarab queries Vikram regarding his own relationship with Aditi. Vikram states that Aditi is just a time pass however shortly states its just a joke. He states he has been just acting like drunk just like he does. He states regarding their own CBI instinct & states he knows he doesn’t drink. He wants to really know why he has been acting. Sarab manages the status.
Vikram hears Karan crying sound. Meher tries calming him however he maintains crying. Vikram comes there & gets affected with his own cries. Sarab too tries calming him however he maintains crying. Aditi too couldn’t curb him. Vikram takes him in his own arms & states Karan wants to be in his own arms & therefore acting.

Karan smiles after in his own arms. Sarab gratitude Karan & Vikram states he’s his own child too. Meher gets affected a lot. Vikram states that he’s not a child lover however Karan is various. Kulwant’s words maintains ringing in Meher’s ears. Sarab requests Vikram why are they awaiting for marriage. Vikram states that they’ll have that talk in their own conscious state. He states he’ll only marry Aditi & states the date lies in his own hand.

He requests him to disclose scam information & he’ll marry Aditi shortly. Aditi tries controlling Vikram awhile everybody fumes. Sarab reminds him that he’s not linked to the scam. He also recalls him that he didn’t locate any evidence over him till date. He states he inquired regarding marriage as Aditi’s brother & he’ll ensure to evident his own name prior to that. Meher taunts Vikram. Aditi gets emotional.

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