Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 7 September 2024: Preeta Proves That She Is Karan’s Wife

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta takes NGO labour with her to the Luthra Home. She informs them that she’s Karan’s spouse however he (or) his own family (4) won’t accept him.

Preeta calls Mahira the different lady who’s trying to steal Karan from her. Karan imparts Preeta 1 last opportunity to leave his own home, however she rejects to move.

Prithvi goes to Preeta’s home drunk & rejects to leave without Preeta. Srishti beats him him up & informs him that Preeta is now in the Luthra Home. Karan calls the police to detain Preeta, however Rishabh tries to block him.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Prithvi approaches the Luthra Home & informs Sherlyn to ensure that Preeta is kicked out of the Luthra Home. He runs far away when he hears police sirens close by.

Karan is happy when the police inspector turns out to be a fan of his own. He informs the inspector to detain Preeta for trying to murder his own dad & kidnap his own brother.

Preeta informs the police that she didn’t commit any of those crimes & states that Karan doesn’t have any evidence over her either.

Mahira requests Preeta for evidence that she wedded Karan. Preeta shows the police 2 video clips that prove that she wedded Karan twice.

After seeing the video clips even the police believe Preeta. The inspector states that she’ll be obliged to detain Karan in case he doesn’t accept Preeta as his own spouse.

Rishabh sums that Preeta didn’t kidnap him & states his own family (4) have made a error. He requests Karan to not act stupid & accomplish the right thing.

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