Kumkum Bhagya 7 September 2024 Episode Written Update: Ranbir Confesses His Love For Prachi

Within the recent daily episode of the show, we saw just how Maya’s bade papa arrived in Ranbir’s home with the shagun ki thali & announced that Ranbir & Maya have been to be wedded the next day. He also toured Prachi’s home & informed everybody that they have been all uninvited. Furthermore, we saw just how Rhea toured Ranbir & assured him that she’d accomplish anything to safeguard him from this status.

Within the next daily episode, we’ll witness Ranbir reveal his own love for Prachi. Prachi speaks to the moon & states that she feels an immense love for Ranbir. She also states that she imagines it’s ‘kumkum bhagya’ love. A love that is destined for her.

Meantime, Ranbir also talks to the moon & prays that he’d live with Prachi forever.

He afterward goes to Prachi’s home & arrives stealthily from that window. He requests her in case she has been missing him.

He informs her just how Maya would divorce him & take (2) his own fortune & he didn’t need his own dad’s hard-earned amount to go far away from this way. He also informs her just how he believes in forever kinda bonds, & he sums that he feels that way for her.

On the different hand, Rhea visits Maya. She slaps her & informs her to back off. Maya’s bade papa testifies this scene & states that he’d leak all secrets in case Rhea attempted to block the marriage. Maya’s boyfriend Rahul calls her & states that he doesn’t trust her.

Maya states that he’s broken his own assure as he’s drunk. They have an argument. Rhea approaches the house & requests Abhi to support her block the marriage. Abhi consoles her.

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