Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 26 August 2024: Mahira Blames Sherlyn For Preeta’s Plan

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta goes to Mahesh’s room hoping to wake him up so he could support her. Mahira tries to murder Preeta however Sherlyn stops her. She informs the Luthra family (4) that Sherlyn has been trying to attempt suicide because Preeta wedded Karan. Preeta is stunned when Rakhi, who she discussed as a mom, also inquired her to leave the home & never return. Kareena drags Preeta & Srishti out of the Luthra Home. Karan sees this & gets upset however he’s not been able to block Preeta from leaving.

Rakhi states that she has been angry with Preeta for tricking Karan into marrying her.

Within the upcoming daily episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti informs Preeta to await for her awhile she locates an auto-rickshaw to take (2) them return to their own home.

Within the Luthra Home, Mahira requests the family (4) just how they didn’t realize Preeta has been within the mandap. She blames Sherlyn for instigating Preeta to block the wedding.

Rakhi goes to the temple in her home & cries. She states that Preeta didn’t accomplish anything unfair however she couldn’t watch everybody derogatory her so much.

Sherlyn informs Prithvi that Preeta got (1) wedded to Karan again. Prithvi gets angry because Preeta offended herself & him. He rules to speak to Sarla regarding marrying Preeta.

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