Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2024 Written Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Sarla states Karan wedded Preeta the same way her daughter wedded him & by marrying her spouse again she did nothing unfair.

Dadi states she doesn’t approves that marriage. Sarla states she could know that Dadi wasn’t part Karan’s 1st marriage so she’s not.

Stay tuned. Update in progress.

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approving it same way she has been also not part her daughter’s 2nd marriage however that’s not issue what she & remaining imagines the truth is Karan & Preeta’s marriage happened.

She states Luthra’s didn’t agreed Preeta that’s why NGO & Police had come here to help her & states they’re doing reception & ‘Muh dikhayi’ without anybody informing because they knows to live in this community they’d to follow specific regulations & requests Sherlyn to not interfere.

Mahira states Sarla could block Sherlyn from speaking however she could’t block her & states Ramona standing silently there in place of taking stand for her that’s the difference from their own rules.

She states she did everything because she deserves Karan & their own family (4)’s standard match with every different.

She states Preeta always hurted Luthra’s & even attempted to murder Mahesh.

Sarla gets angry & informs her to shut up. Mahira states she won’t block because she’s telling the fact only & she could know that Sarla is angry as of now so she’s blaming her.

She states Sarla easily blames her (or) Sherlyn because they only always talks over Preeta openly.

Sarla states Luthra’s won’t take (2) stand for Preeta & also she’s not expecting that from them expect Karan. She moves towards Karan & requests why he’s silent instead taking stand for his own spouse.

his own friend. Karan requests what he could say everything provided for Preeta only however she’s not here.

Sarla states Preeta would be here only she could’t go anywhere & has been regarding to call her however Karan stops her informing he already named her however she didn’t picked his own calls.

He imparts that fraud letter to Sarla before she reads it, Mahira snatches that from her & begins to read & states she got (1) that letter & saree from Karan’s room & to safeguard Luthra’s prestige she weared the saree & had come downstairs. Sarla imagines something.

Rishab reads the letter & Sherlyn informs him that as of now he’d have understood what kinda lady Preeta has been.

Rishab goes to Karan & requests this is why he cried. Ramona requests Sarla to tell who’s right here Preeta (or) Mahira. Kareena states Mahira is right she always wanted Karan to marry her because they have been made for every different however Preeta had come in between them. She scolds Rakhi for organizing reception for Preeta.

Sherlyn states Preeta once again show her real face to everybody by eloping. Mahira states she eloped with Prithvi. Karan yells in them.

On the different side, the Priest informs Preeta that he’s not the Priest who does marriage, he doesn’t even really know those mantras however he could’t tell that to Pawan because is a devil & he’ll murder him in case he gets to really know that he’s useless & also really know their own secret as of now.

Pawan requests Janki just how Prithvi looking as a groom. Janki states she’s the 1 who throw Prithvi out of the home when he had come inquire for Preeta even although he knows that she’s a wedded lady.

Pawan informs one such Goon to tie Janki again & takes Prithvi with him. Sristy arrives the home & sees Preeta with Pawan.

Preeta imagines just how to block the marriage & informs the Priest to block the marriage. Pawan gets angry & states this marriage going to happen for sure.

Preeta states when Prithvi is senseless just how this marriage could happen. She informs him that she’ll marry Prithvi in case he gains his own conscious & Pawan gets happy hearing her.

Karan moves towards his own room. Sarla has been regarding to follow him however Mahira stops her & follows him. She apologize to him for whatever she did.

He states just how numerous times he’d to repeat that she could’t be his own spouse because he already wedded to Preeta.

He states Preeta didn’t elope with anybody, he doesn’t really know where she’s as of now however he’s sure that she didn’t left him for someone else.

Mahira cries thinking her schedule flopping.

Sarla states Preeta loves Luthra’s. Kareena requests in case she loves them afterwards where is she as of now & states today she eloped with someone just to offend them ahead of everybody.

Pawan informs the Goons to bring black coffee for Prithvi & calls the Doctor too.

Preeta tries to cut the rope. Sristy imagines Pawan doesn’t really know regarding her & schedules to accomplish something.

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