Kundali Bhagya 22nd October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 22 October 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (22-10-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 22nd October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Preeta threatens Sherlyn Sherlyn doesn’t need to have any relation with Preeta.

Preeta warns to expose her fact. She believes in creating relations. She doesn’t need to break the entire family & upset anybody.

She requests Sherlyn to block playing games over her entire family & just be happy with them. Sherlyn informs that Luthra entire family is her entire family.

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Preeta confronts her regarding the relationship with Prithvi.She informs that she’d witnessed her with Prithvi. She reprimands Sherlyn. She informs that Janki understood their own relationship fact.

She scolds Sherlyn for attacking Janki & attempting to murder her. She threatens Sherlyn over hurting any of her entire family members. She informs that Janki has suffered due to Sherlyn & Prithvi. She discloses that Janki has got her memory back.

She’s informed the overall fact of the crash night. Sherlyn is much evil.She isn’t scared of Preeta. She accepts regarding her relationship with Prithvi. She informs that as of now she’s wedded to Rishabh. She doesn’t need Preeta to threaten her.

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Preeta informs that Sherlyn actually appears to be a vamp. She calls Sherlyn foolish. She informs that she’ll not believe her. She understood Sherlyn going to be prepared with excuses & not accept the offence. She’s sure that the entire family going to believe her.

She informs that she’ll expose Mahira & Sherlyn’s fact to the entire family. She leaves Sherlyn scared. Sherlyn knows that Karan going to believe Preeta even in case the entire family doesn’t. She gets worried that Preeta going to disclose her fact.

Sarla & Janki have a conversation regarding the party in Luthra home. Sarla is worried regarding Shrishti, who’s fell for Sameer. Janki already knows regarding Shrishti & Sameer’s love post. Sarla informs that Shrishti is kiddish & great in heart.

She isn’t able to watch the fact, she shouldn’t fall for Sameer.She doesn’t need Shrishti to suffer in personal life. Sarla informs that Preeta is already worried, she shouldn’t really know regarding Shrishti. Janki understands Sarla.

She knows Sameer is a great person, he’s just like Rishabh, not insensible & hyper than Karan. She imagines its great that Shrishti marries Sameer, from Preeta is also within the same home. Meantime, Rakhi is affected by Sarla’s words. She imagines Sarla is right.

She feels she was unfair to allow Mahira within the home. She desires to help her Bahu Preeta. She desires Mahesh to recover & help her. She doesn’t need to help Mahira as of now. She informs that she’ll gain justice for Preeta, she’ll make Mahira out of the home.

She desires to fix the unfair things. She’s pleased that Preeta had come back & managed the issue.She informs that Preeta has saved their own respect, that Mahira destroyed. She knows the fact as of now. She doesn’t need to be silent as of now.

She realises that Mahira had disappeared Preeta from that function. She desires to oust Mahira. Besides, Karan & Preeta have a cute argument, that resulting in a romantic moment between them. She informs that he all the time fights, he never leaves a opportunity to fight. He blames her for all the time fighting. They accuse every different, however come close.


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First episode date: 12 July 2017
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 766
Directed by: Ekta Kapoor’, Balaji Telefilms
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Kundali Bhagya Cast:

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Shraddha Arya

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