Kundali Bhagya 15th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Kundali Bhagya 14 January 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (14-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kundali Bhagya 14th January 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Karina says how she’s following in the footsteps of her mom because she constantly comes in their house and begins blaming somebody so when she’s here.

Preeta has fulfilled the need for her mum, Karina exclaims she has been married in the Luthra household and ought to bring a glass Karina tells of the way she hasn’t raised her daughter such as she and this shouldn’t meddle her entire life with her daughter.

Preeta appears towards Rakhi yet Karina exclaims she will likewise not take her side because she’s spoke together. Karan prevents her asking what she’s doing because there’s not any requirement because he doesn’t understand what Preeta would gain from ruining the life span of Kritika.

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Karina exclaims she doesnot understand this like she doesnot understand why did she Preeta push Mahesh and that why didn’t Karina wed her because if she’s really happy it’s not true and even when she attempts to Mendel in damaging her daughter she would do something that Preeta wouldn’t understand, Karina cites that nobody should encourage her.

Turning to Karan inquiring if he actually loves Kritika to that Karan answers the way he doesnot have to show his love to anybody after he leaves the hallway. Karina warns everybody never to encourage Preeta since if they stay together with her afterward wouldn’t be against Karina but could struggle with a mommy and she’d never spare anybody.

Mahira arrives to the area where Sherlin is ingesting and she clarifies how Karina scolded Preeta and didn’t let anybody speak between, Sherlin exclaims how it’s by far the most opportune for them since they would instigate Preeta into the degree that she wouldn’t have the ability to live without coughing Akshay then Karina could fated her into the extent they would have the ability to reach their aims.

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Preeta comes crying to the area where Karan is awaiting her, she also comes to take care of him describing how she’s convinced of Akshay and is now just doing so due to the concern she to get Kritika, Karan exclaims how it’s her method that’s incorrect since there’s nothing of this kind and it’s only her activities that constantly lead to difficulty.

Karan exclaims the way he is unable to bear anything incorrect stated contrary to her mentioning that he understands her for several decades but has been Kritika all of his live therefore would not let anything happen to her whenever somebody says something bad for her is unable to bear it she shouldn’t bother.

Preeta inquires whether he’s upset with her although Karan fails to explain he is angry so states he believes they ought to sleep because it si becoming too late. Sherlin is continually drifting from the kitchen if Mahira inquires why is she’s walking such as this since it’s causing problems because of her, Sherlin clarifies that she’s worried as they must speak softly and instigate Preeta into the extent that she’s unable to withstand and can something that angers Karina more, they begin talking after viewing Preeta.

Sherlin inquires Mahira why’s she doing so since Akshay isn’t the perfect man to that she warns her not to be such as Preeta since this is exactly what she said as well as Karina scolded her, Mahira inquires Sherlin how is she sure what she explains how she watched him with a woman and nobody actually comes to this resort.

Mahira inquires how can they make sure to that Sherlin claims they need to not mendle within her work since Preeta has accepted the duty and when she actually cares for Kritika subsequently would look for the fact, Preeta considers of calling Shrishti therefore leaves, Mahira inquires Sherlin about what could occur to that she clarifies how Preeta would create a dug for himself after what she’s about to perform.

Shrishti comes requesting what triggered Preeta to phone her at such rush, Preeta clarifies how she attempted to speak in the household but nobody desired to follow her she heard equally Sherlin and Mahira speaking and they know more about the fact even then donot attention that Kritika is devoting such a individual however she wouldn’t permit anything incorrect occur.

Preeta is concerned then clarifies that Karan reported that he hasn’t refused to believe that he believes Akshay isn’t bad and isn’t even prepared to accept that there’s anything incorrect, Preeta clarifies that they know there’s something wrong since she watched his cellphone and even watched the way the woman ran away in the home.

Preeta clarifies how he stated that he feels poor when she’s scolded and that he stood with her if Karina was scolding her when he wasn’t able to guard her thinks of how nicely the whole family is, Preeta clarifies they wouldn’t have the ability to stand by observing if Kritika marries someone who’s so incorrect, Shrishti also guarantees to show the reality.

Preeta clarifies how they would visit the home of Akshay having a justification and take the proof they were unable to earlier and that they ought to call both Kritika and Sameer and then they opt to go their residence. At the home of Akshay his mother and dad are speaking about the grocery store and if he’s going to depart, Kritika includes Sameer, Shrishti and Preeta.

All of them include the Shugun and sitthey inquire about what they’d consume, Preeta believes of the way that it would be simple to create any kind of tea Shrishti and Sameer both request them to prepare a well chosen breakfast that stresses the mommy, and she begins preparing the breakfast. Preeta additionally asks Kritika to move and allow her mother-in-law as if they become friends for life.

Kritika subsequently proceeds into the kitchen before faking to assist the mother-in-law. Preeta and Shrishti exclaim they wouldn’t have the ability to receive a better opportunity as Akshay is taking a shower along with his mother and dad are also occupied, they ask Sameer to stay in the couch meanwhile they attempt to come across any type of proof. Sherlin is waiting while Mahira comes describing she searched the whole house but Preeta isn’t any where available what could happen today, Sherlin clarifies that nobody would think Preeta and just hear that which Akshay explains is occurring.

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