How Often Do You Use Adult Toys? Are They Harmful? Debunking Myths

Sex toys are still a long way from being taboo. Yes, they’re still surrounded by a lot of stigma, but they are finding their way to remain relevant and even mainstream. One of the reasons why there are people who haven’t embraced adult toys is the amount of myths and misconceptions surrounding them. We’re here to debunk a few of them.

First of all, we’re tired of questions such as – are they harmful? The straight answer is not, but only if they’re used the right way.  Secondly, when someone hears that you’ve been using these devices they tend to ask how often you use sex toys. It’s not that these questions are out of line but the simple answers do not paint a bigger picture. So, have a little patience, and keep reading this piece to find out a few real answers, and to leave a couple of myths surrounding sex toys behind us. Once you’re done, we are almost positive that you’ll try to search here for a real deal within the sex toys domain in the form of a device of your choice.

Sex Toys Are Harmful

Let’s start with the most dangerous myth. This simply is not true. In their essence, they’re no different than any house device. When used the right way a butcher’s knife is only a tool for cutting meat. That doesn’t change the fact that it can be used for committing a crime. Sex toys are no different – when used properly they are devices of pleasure. So, when you buy a toy of your choice you need to get well-known with the manual. Not every device is the same and you’ll need both theory and practical lessons. Experiment with yourself but ensure that your safety is paramount. When you use any of these devices the right way there are zero chances that anything could go wrong.

Only For Single People

Let’s not be stupid here. We can’t even tell where this idea is originating from.  Yes, single people are using them. Of course, they do. But, are they the only ones? Of course, they’re not! These devices of pleasure are intended for every person out there. For couples and married people. For both the young folks and the elderly. Sex toys do not know any limits nor do they know limits of pleasure. So, why would they be limited to only single people? There’s no reason. So, they aren’t!

Women’s Sexual Pleasure Aids

These misconceptions are really funny. So, you have people out there believing that these devices serve only females and singles. The equation is simple, as they’re only for ladies and those that are single. That’s simple, it’s not like that. Every person can use sex toys. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, your gender, your relationship status, or your sexual orientation. It is all the same. These devices were made for pleasure and they will never discriminate. Do not let the long-standing prejudices and media presence focused on ladies when it comes to sex toys paint a different picture than the real one.

Sex Toys Are For Boring Relationships

There is no such thing as an ideal relationship. Sure, there are boring relationships, but they’re not the only ones limited to sex toy usage.  It is not true that only people who are bored with their sex life are using these devices. Instead, they’re intended for everyone as we already pointed out a few times. When using sex toys you can make your relationship spicier, more romantic, and better in so many ways. Sex toys elevate relationships to another level. Yes, people in boring relationships should use sex toys, but they’re not the only ones needing them.

You Should be Ashamed

No! This is so stupid. There is a lot of backward viewing when it comes to sex toys. This is why people believe that you should feel ashamed and feel guilty when you use sex toys. We’re not only talking about religious zealots. Many people all over the world believe that it is not right to use sex toys and that users should be ashamed. This is so wrong on so many levels that we can’t even start describing it. Using these devices is perfectly normal. Under the right circumstances and with proper usage you can even describe it as healthy. So, you shouldn’t listen to crazy talks from the web and instead focus on how you feel.

It’s a Luxury

There are a plethora of sex toys to choose from. The selection is so massive that there is something for everyone’s pocket. You shouldn’t view any of them as a luxury item. Yes, you can find expensive pieces as many sex toys of today are tied to technology so their price might be seen as hefty, but the simple mechanic ones you can buy for a bargain. There are plenty of land-based and online shops that cater to everyone’s needs and desires. So, before you deem sex toys as expensive and luxury items you check out what the market has to offer.

Too Complex to Handle

As we already said, sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, some are complex. You have new sex toys, sex dolls, and everything in between. Some toys are marvels of technology and yes they can be too complex for some users. But, in essence, these devices are simple tools of pleasure easy for everyone to use and learn about them. So, if you have second doubts about the complexity of any device of your selection you should first learn about it before buying. Even if you buy one blindly the chances are you’ll be able to get around its complexity and get the maximum pleasure out of it.

Bottom Line

You should be careful around the sex toys. Not because they’re harmful or they shouldn’t be used too often, but because they’re surrounded by myths and misconceptions. So, before you start trusting lies and misinformation, better focus on learning. See what you’re looking for, learn about it, buy it, and use it the proper way. That’s the only way to maximize the full pleasure circle of any sexual device.