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Kumkum Bhagya 3 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (3-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Kumkum Bhagya 3rd December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With

Rhea requesting Abhi to marry Meera. Abhi requests what are you informing? He states just how could you think like this, what going to Meera think in case hear this.

He states I’ll not marry anybody. Rhea states it’s absolutely evident that you’ll not marry Meera & won’t leave Pragya & Prachi. She states when I has been in educational institution, my friends habituated to tell that I don’t have a mom.

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I habituated to come house & sleep sadly, however when you habituated to wake me up calling me sweetheart, I habituated to think that I has been a fool to believe those educational institution kids.

She states you has been like a mom to me & even left your singing career for me & eliminated rockstar tag from your name, when you identified me slept within the garden.

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She states you habituated to feed me meal Dad & had become my mom. She states you’ve broken my hope & revealed my love with Prachi,

I has been feeling insecure & has been afraid that she’ll snatch my dad from me & that;s why I initiated harming me. She requests who’s in my personal life different than you, nobody.

Abhi is stunned. Rhea states I’m understanding & going to tell you directly on your face. She states in case Prachi & her mom are important for you, afterwards why going to you marry Meera. She states your entire family going to full, however what regarding my entire family. Abhi states Pragya loves you a lot. Rhea states she don’t love me. Abhi requests accomplish you really know, just how much happy she has been when she had come regarding you.

Rhea states she’s not happy, & hates me. She requests in case she loves me afterwards why she’s not here. Abhi states they’re just upset with you. Rhea states whatever I did has been when I wasn’t aware that Prachi has been my sister. Aaliya states you didn’t accomplish anything unfair.

Abhi requests her to block. Rhea states Prachi stated that I’m so bad that I don’t have a mom. Abhi states she should be angry. Rhea states in case Prachi has a mom afterwards I need my mom, & that mom you’ll bring. Abhi states your mom loves you.

Rhea states I need Meera as my mom. Abhi states I’ll not accomplish marriage because of your stubbornness. Rhea states afterwards I’ll not stay in this home, don’t really know just how going to I stay here, as I shall be habitual to stay without a mom. She states in case I meet with an crash afterwards it’s ok, else I’ll come infront of any car. Abhi requests her to block it & hugs her.

He requests her not to cry & states I’ll accomplish whatever you need, I’ll accomplish it. Rhea states accomplish you need what I need? Aaliya states Bhai…you’ve to marry Meera for Rhea. Abhi looks in her & states I’ll talk to Meera. Rhea states in case she agrees…Abhi states I’ve a headache & going to take medicine. He goes from there.

Ranbir is now in the {hospital} with Pallavi. Vikram is troubled hearing Pallavi & Ranbir’s discussion. Ranbir imagines of Pallavi’s love for him.

Abhi calls Doctor & informs regarding his own headache, states he’ll meet him tomorrow. His own wallet falls down. Abhi looks in Pragya’s pic & imagines of Rhea’s words that Prachi stated that she’s such a bad lady that nobody going to becomes her mom. He recalls assuring her that he’ll talk to Meera. He imagines Meera knows that just how much I love Pragya, she’ll never agree for this alliance.

Rhea states Prachi stated that nobody going to becomes my mom, as of now I’ll show her that I’ve my mom & afterwards nobody going to call me motherless lady (or) unlucky lady. Mitali closes her eyes & prays to God, to fulfil Rhea’s wishes. Aaliya requests what are you informing?

Mitali states she has been praying to God, as Meera might reject. Rhea states I’m 110 per cent, that Meera won’t reject. Aaliya states she’s not sure. Rhea states I’ll watch to it, that Meera aunty agrees to Dad. Aaliya smirks. Mitali smiles.

Vikram informs Ranbir that today he’s quite angry with him, he’s finished a big error. Ranbir states yes, mummy is here due to me. Vikram states I’ll slap you in case you say this.

He states I habituated to play great cricket & your Dadu taken assure from me to take care of business & forget cricket. He states even as of now I feel bad regarding that day. Ranbir requests what’s Dadu’s error in this? Vikram states in case he’d taken great care of himself, afterwards I wouldn’t have witnessed this day.

He states just like Pallavi taken assure from you & you accepted to leave Prachi. Ranbir states I’ll accomplish anything for mummy. Vikram states marriage is a relation that is for 7 births & the love going to be for numerous births in your heart. Ranbir imagines of his own assure & states in case mummy desires afterwards I’ll marry Rhea (or) anyone else. Vikram states marriage with Rhea going to be a compromise & states accomplish we wear shoes in unfair ft.

He states Pallavi is enforcing Rhea on you & it’s not right. Ranbir states I love mummy. Vikram requests what regarding Prachi, could you live without her?

Shahana locates Prachi crying & requests her to tell what she has been thinking? Prachi states nothing. She states she has been missing Papa a lot. She states when I has been going to meet him from that PS, I imagined to hug him & call him Papa. She states when I met him first time, I didn’t really know that he has been my Papa, as of now I could’t meet her because of Rhea. She hugs Shahana & cries.

She states don’t tell Maa & informs that she has been crying a lot & loves Rhea a lot. She states I’ll not forgive Rhea. Shahana states I didn’t like Rhea from the begin & states she took you in the place, where you didn’t think regarding Ranbir? She requests her to call Ranbir & inquire regarding the reason why he didn’t come?

Prachi states he should have some of the reason & requests her to go. Shahana states I’ll not go as I could only wipe your tears. Prachi hugs her & cries.

Abhi comes to talk to Meera about Rhea. Meera requests him to come inside the room. Abhi states I informed you regarding my spouse. Meera states I really know Pragya, whom you love a lot. Abhi states I identified her. Meera states I really know that Prachi’s mom is Pragya & I imagined her as Anuradha ji.

She states Pragya & Prachi had come here, I’ve witnessed & heard everything. She states I’ve witnessed Prachi & Rhea’s fight & states Prachi informed so much to Rhea. Abhi states I really know. Meera states you imagined me as a entire family & engaged me within the entire family issue, appreciate you for that.

I don’t think it’s so important that you had come to debate it here. Abhi states it’s important. Rhea hears them from outdoor. Abhi states quite a few things aren’t in our hands. Meera states I really know what you need to say, that Rhea’s mom repatriated & going to take up her responsibility afterwards give me a week time.

I’ll leave from her & going to miss Rhea a lot. Abhi states no & states really, I didn’t come here to tell this & states I had come to tell that, & states you could reject in case you need…& states Rhea desires me to marry you. Meera is stunned. Rhea smiles & gets hopeful.

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