Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2024 Written Update: Rhea To Get Arrested

Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Kumkum Bhagya (29-09-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2024 Daily episode starts with Shahana has been crying within the hospital. Ranbir ensures that Prachi going to be ok. Rhea sees this from a gap.

Pragya approaches the hospital & arrives at the medication room. The doctor calls the nurse’s help & sends Pragya out of the patient room.

She requests Shahana regarding the crash. Shahana states she has been hit by a truck, even although trucks aren’t permitted inside.

Pragya cries very badly, awhile seeing Prachi from a window. A nurse brings a paper of medicine. Ranbir & Shahana run to grab the medicine. The doctor asks the nurse to call an expert.

They inform Pragya that the next 24 hours are crucial, otherwise, she might go to the comma. Rhea comes to cool down Pragya who cried badly.

Rhea gets a call from that truck driver however cuts it. The driver has been offended.

Pragya asserts that she can’t live without Prachi. Prachi going to have to recover. Rhea in once utters, I’m sorry. Pragya hugs her. Rhea states she must have driver fast, she didn’t really know Prachi has been so severe.

Pragya still complements Rhea’s attempt for bringing Prachi here. She caresses Rhea. Rhea goes to take (2) the call outdoor, informing she’ll be back. Within the corridor, Rhea shouts what his own issue is. She could not speak to him now.

She states she’s in City Hospital (3) & can’t give the amount now. The truck driver states he’ll be there. Rhea informs him not to accomplish so.

Police going to be here anytime, & he might gain captured. She afterward realises the call has been disconnected. The truck driver rules to approach the hospital (3). Rhea has been afraid.

The police approach the hospital (3). Pragya still stood in the window & cried badly. Saritha bua informs Pragya not to lose her hope & courage. Pragya cried badly. Saritha states Pragya could’t lose her courage.

Pragya has been not been able to curb her tears, as she lives for her Prachi. The doctor states there have been internal wounds, & bleeding won’t block. She’s broken.

Saritha hugs Pragya & ensures that Prachi going to be fine, their own prayers for safety of Prachi going to be answered. Ranbir runs with medicines. The nurse states she’s best.

Police comes to speak to Ranbir. The inspector states he’s spoken to Mr. Mehra. Ranbir informs the inspector that Prachi has been crossing the road, & a truck had come to hit her straight. He suspects it has been a wilful act, as the truck driver can block it.

Pragya complains why Ranbir hadn’t informed her regarding it. Ranbir apologizes that he didn’t need to problem her. He turns to the inspector & states he carried Prachi to the car however his own car’s way has been blocked.

The inspector questions regarding the truck number & driver. Ranbir remembered all of this. Rhea had surfaced within the corridor & heard the information Ranbir has been able to recall. The police inspector takes Ranbir for getting ready the sketch.

He ensures Pragya that this driver appears to be an officer killer, they’ll gain the sketch & surely call him.

Rhea calls Aaliya & informs her regarding scheduling the crash of Prachi. She states Ranbir location the truck driver & observed the number as well. As of now the driver is coming to the hospital (3) to take (2) amount.

Aaliya informs Rhea to leave the hospital (3) & come house, police mustn’t location her nervousness. Rhea has been tensed. She gets a call from that truck driver, Nilesh. Rhea takes leave.

Aaliya turns about to fine Mitali. Mitali had taken Punjab(PB)’s special delight Pheoni for her. She imagines Aaliya is still the same, she’s on the side the 1 whom police wanted to kidnap.

The truck driver had approached the hospital (3). The driver & his own assistant walked towards the door. The truck driver has been sure they could not be recognized, they should take (2) their own amount in any cost.

Ranbir & the police inspector hits the truck driver. Ranbir wasn’t attentive & doesn’t watch him. The inspector informs Ranbir he’s a false person, he doesn’t recognize the criminals here in this city as he’s new. Shortly, he’ll locate out.

The truck driver sends his own assistant to park the truck on the other side. He calls Rhea who threatens the driver not to come here. The driver has been stubborn. Rhea approaches Pragya.

Pragya informs Rhea someone scheduled to murder Prachi. It wasn’t an crash. Prachi is not enemies with anybody yet someone attempted to murder her. She caresses Rhea as well, & advices her to take (2) great care of herself as well.

Rhea has been shifted. The nurse brings a slip of medicines. Rhea goes to take (2) the medicines. Shahana & Saritha felt curt regarding Rhea’s bonding with Pragya.

In house, Maasi had ruled to unite Abhi & Pragya as a wish of her sister Daljeet. Abhi approached the hospital (3). Abhi approaches the hospital.

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