Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2024 Episode Written Update: Prachi Realizes Her Love For Ranbir, Sanju In Trouble

The Daily episode begins with Abhi speaking to his own lawyer & requests why Prachi is not getting bail. Lawyer informs that her bail is tough as the theft happened in her home, her mum going to be blamed too for the theft. Abhi is stunned.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s workplace & informs that she wants to meet Mr.Mehra. Sarita behen calls Pragya & requests her in case she met Mr. Mehra & requests her to scold him less. Pragya states he’s to hear me today. Receptionist reports Abhi that someone had come to meet him & is angry. Abhi requests Receptionist to inquire her to await. Pragya demands to meet Abhi & is going to his own cabin. An staff stops Pragya. Pragya requests her to let her go in case she doesn’t need to create any scene.

The staff comes to Abhi & reports him that Prachi’s mom had come here & is quite angry. Abhi gets a call.

Ranbir brings Rhea house & requests in case he shall bring something to apply on her leg. Pallavi comes there & requests them to continue, not to gain embarrassed. Ranbir states Rhea got (1) wound.

Pallavi requests you has been in room. Rhea informs that she met Ranbir within the PS (police station) & informs that Maya had come there to meet him. Ranbir recalls gathering Prachi & informs her.

Pallavi states you met her. Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea informs that schedule went exactly the way they imagined. Aaliya states Sanju named her. Rhea informs that Sanju would’ve got (1) captured today. Pallavi gets upset with Vikram for letting him go. She requests Ranbir not to meet her. Ranbir informs that Prachi is quite upset with him & may have broken her friendship with me. He states she doesn’t like him, it’s all over. he states I’ll not meet her again.

He goes to his own room upset. Rhea imagines Ranbir & Prachi’s relation is broken. Pallavi & Vikram go behind him. Pallavi requests him to open the door. Ranbir requests her to leave him alone. Pallavi blames Vikram for everyone this.

Ranbir pulls the blanket & locates Aryan on the bed. Aryan states did you meet Prachi. Ranbir informs yes & informs that he saw Sanju within the PS (police station). Vikram requests Pallavi to leave Ranbir & informs that like Abhi & I are friends, & don’t talk for two days when we fight.

He states Ranbir & Prachi going to talk again. Pallavi informs Ranbir that they’ll talk thereafter, blames Vikram & goes. Aryan states it seems Aunty went from here & informs that in case Sanju has been there, afterwards he’s 100 per cent engaged.

Ranbir states why did he come there? He has been 200 per cent engaged. Pragya is going inside Abhi’s cabin, when staff stops her, however Pragya requests her to move from her way.

Rhea comes to Aaliya & informs that she saw Ranbir going from that window secretly, hiding from Pallavi aunty as she doesn’t like Prachi anymore. She informs that Prachi has been offended badly afterwards he also he didn’t gain affected. She informs that she utilized her old trump card to let Prachi really know everything. She states Maya informed Prachi that Ranbir inquired amount from her. She states I understood it, Prachi shouted in him & Ranbir stated that it’s all over.

their own friendship is over. She informs that just like she scheduled, everything went well, God is with them. She informs that they’re not looking in every different. She informs that she’s won. Aaliya states she’s glad to watch her happy & hugs her. Rhea requests regarding the bag.

Aaliya requests her to give the amount to Sanju & his own people that she assured & informs that she’d have gone, however Sanju inquired me not to come. Rhea calls Sanju. Sanju gratitude her for saving him & his own people. Rhea requests where to bring amount? Sanju requests her to come to his own home & informs regarding the key’s place. Rhea states ok. Aaliya requests her to be careful. Rhea informs that God is with her today. Sanju imagines that it’s great that Ranbir is not behind me.

Ranbir states I’m behind you, I went intentionally behind you & you ran far away, it’s evident that you’re engaged in this complaint. He states I rewind everything & afterwards Aryan’s queries clarified everything.

A facebook is shown, Aryan informs Ranbir that the thieves have been that people, afterwards just how Sanju has been engaged. Ranbir informs that Inspector stated that Prachi is not mastermind as she’d were bailed 1st than the thieves in case she has been mastermind. He informs everything & informs that he attempted to catch Sanju & afterwards…

He afterwards gets an idea & informs that Sanju’s address should be there in bail papers. Aryan states you’ll gain it from PS (police station). Facebook ends. Ranbir states I got (1) your address from PS (police station) & had come to really know that you went to shop for the bag. He states that’s just how I track you. Sanju is also in his own car & informs that it’s not easy to track him, that’s why he took this bag.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s cabin & requests didn’t you feel ashamed? You’ve ruined my daughter’s personal life & calling yourself busy. She states I informed my daughter that in big cities, nobody is great, however she didn’t believe me. She states you named her as family (4) member & requests in case anybody could accomplish this with his own family (4) member. She states in case you wanted afterwards she wouldn’t were in jail today.

Prachi imagines regarding Ranbir & imagines she couldn’t know her emotions, afterwards what to tell him. She imagines she feels great when he’s with her, his own talks, his own stupid face….She imagines in case I actually love him. She imagines this could’t be love as 1 gets sleepless in love, imagines I lost my sleep. She imagines nothing appears to be great without him.

in case he gets upset afterwards she doesn’t like that & wants him to be with her. She imagines in case Maya hadn’t come afterwards I’d have tell him that I love him. She states I love Ranbir & smiles. Pragya sees Lawyer in Abhi’s cabin. He requests who’re you?

Pragya informs that she’s Prachi’s mum & informs that’s why she’s feeling extra pain. He informs that he’s focused to bail her out. Pragya states you didn’t care for her else you wouldn’t have got (1) her detained infront of your eyes. She states you’d have talked to lawyer in place of time passing here. Lawyer states you’re misunderstanding me, I’m not him. Pragya states I imagined you unfair & informs that you informed the secretary that you has been busy. Lawyer informs that he’s not Mr. Mehra, however his own lawyer. Pragya requests him not to lie. He shows his own checking card & informs that.

Mr. Mehra went as Ranbir named him. He informs that he has been quoting similar complaint as Prachi on his own mobile. Pragya states sorry. Lawyer states I could know you’re a mom. Pragya feels bad.

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