Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 14th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Dulari Shocks Seeing Koyal With Ram

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 14th October 2024 Written Episode, Read Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Update:

Patang sits within the street. Irfan tells him salayy. He replies why are you abusing me? Irfan replies you’re Ram’s salayy.

Some of the people come & inquire Irfan when is natak? Patang states this Irfan could be of my purpose.

I could utilize him to create question in jiji’s heart & gain a place backin her home.

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Ram is in the salon. Dulari comes & sings tu hai wohi. Ram dances with her. He states what a amaze? You singing for me?

She states all the time keep smiling like this. He states you’re the reason of my smile.

She states you’re the reason I sing. Dulari states in heart appreciate God there’s nothing between you & that Koyal. I’ll never let anybody come between us.

Irfan addresses scripts for the natak (drama). A person states someone throw love letter outdoor the lady’s home & the heroin imagines hero threw it. Patang states that’s the idea.

Koyal comes outdoor her home. She sees a letter & picks it. Ram is standing ahead of her with Dulari. She waves in him. Koyal reads, dear Koyal. I were trying to tell you what’s in my heart however wasn’t getting opportunity.

So as of now I’ve ruled that I’ll meet you today & tell you what’s in my heart. I love you. Meet me before the parlour closes. Patang smirks. Meet me in 8, your Ram. Koyal states watch you in 8.

Patang states jiji going to take me back house. Chacha plays violin. Dulari states Patang destroyed my day. I’d to make halwa. Ram going to be house in 5 minutes.

Koyal sees that it’s 8. Ram is closing the salon. Koyal comes. Ram is stunned. She states why did you turn off the lights? Ram states the salon is closed. You could accomplish what you need tomorrow.

Koyal states going to you marry? She states you inquired me to come here. Ram states I didn’t come call you here.

She states you wrote within the letter. She shows him the letter. Ram reads it. He’s stunned. He reads, I love you, your Ram. Koyal states yes my Ram. Lights go off. Ram states just how did light go off? Patang states this going to brighten up my personal life.

Patang calls Dulari. She states why are you calling me? I kicked you out. He states you’ll have to call be back in. I forgot my ID card within the parlour. In case you don’t give it to me, the person won’t let me sit within the bus. She states I’ll gain it to you.

Koyal states say those 3 magical words. He states I didn’t write. Koyal states I’m speaking regarding the different 3 words. Dulari is coming there. Koyal states the 3 magical words you wrote within the letter. I.. Ram is stunned.

Dulari is walking towards the salon. Patang looks in her. He’s happy. Koyal states love.. You. Koyal slips. Ram holds her. Dulari comes there. She’s stunned.

Dulari cries. Koyal states dark room with you, me in your arms. He states you’re not in my arms, You’re in a misunderstanding. I’ve to go house. I’ve a spouse. She’s awaiting for me. Koyal states I has been also awaiting for you on the engagement day & you didn’t come. Anyway your letter had come. Ram states I didn’t write this letter.

I did only 1 in that I informed you that I.. She states I won’t be persuaded in under wedding. Pandit ji informed me I’ll me wedded to a wedded person. Ram is stunned. Koyal states where would I locate a best wedded person like you?

Dulari comes downstairs in tears. Chacha plays violin. Dulari cries & states just how has been nothing unfair with what I saw? I really know Ram is quite innocent. However nail is hit on straight things.

This Didu is doing all this. Please show me a way to safeguard my Ram from her. Patang calls her.

She states yes Patang. Patang states just how are you speaking to me so sweetly? She states you’re my brother. Why would I be bitter to you? He states I got my bus.

Dulari states why would you. Patang states why are you crying like Santoshi? Dulari states why would I cry? Not like I saw Ram & someone in her arms in dark. & not that she has been Didu.

Patang states I could come to support you. Dulari states it’s fine I’ll manage. Patang states I won’t let your personal life be ruind like Santoshi. I’m coming.

Dulari is now in tears. Ram comes house singing waada raha. Dulari isn’t happy. Ram states what happened? Are you mad? She states why would I be? Not like you lied to me like Rekha’s spouse.

He states in heart didn’t tell you fact either. Ram states why are you sad in case Rekha’s spouse lied?

She states I has been thinking in case you lie to me (or) conceal anything from me I won’t be able to tolerate it. Swear on my head that you’ll never lie to me nor going to conceal anything from me.

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