Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2024 Written Update: Twist, Rhea…

Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2024 Episode Written Update. Read Kumkum Bhagya (12-Oct-2020) full episode written update.

Today’s Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Rhea telling Aaliya that in case Dad would’ve met Prachi’s mom.

He’d have stated that Rhea would be like her elder sister.

She tells you lied to me, your Rhea. Just how could you accomplish this?

She states you’ve lied to me from my childhood. You understood regarding my mom afterwards also you kept me far from my mom & sister. She states you’ve kept Dad far from his own spouse.

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She shows Prachi & her pic & informs that you’d well-known everything, however you’d hidden everything from me & filled hatred over Prachi & her family (4).

She states I attempted to murder my sister due to you & requests why? She states in case you couldn’t let’s stay together afterwards why did you separate us?

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Ranbir makes Prachi sit on the bed & makes her wear anklet…Song plays…..SubhanAllah…..She requests why you has been caring for me so much & informed Maa that you’ll take (2) me to room.

Ranbir states I wasn’t care, however support. Prachi states Shahana going to tease me. Ranbir imparts her medicine & water & requests just how she’ll tease you. Aryan comes house & informs that Rhea had come house & is crying, may be she had come to really know that Prachi is discharged.

Ranbir states I’m coming there. Prachi requests him not to interfere in Rhea’s issue. He informs that he’ll interfere & informs that he needs to go house & talk to his own mummy. He leaves.

Prachi locates the album kept on the bed & imagines Shahana should have kept her. She looks Rhea & her baby pic & calls Rhea as choti. She informs her regarding her emotions for Ranbir & informs that in case she’d were here afterwards she’d have informed her.

She states his own name is Ranbir & requests in case she’ll meet him. She kisses on the pic & hugs it.

Aaliya states I love you. Rhea states you don’t love me, you understood that what Prachi & her mom is linked to Dad & me. She states you understood them & habituated to say that Prachi is not a great lady, this (or) that, her family (4) is poverty-stricken and so on.

She informs that she habituated to like Prachi’s mom & locates ways to meet her. Aaliya states I love you Rhea. Rhea states don’t love me & I don’t love you. She states my largest happiness is my mom & you kept me far from her.

She states you informed that Prachi’s doesn’t have a heart, however she loved me a lot. She states just how could you accomplish this, you kept Dad & me far from her. She states you filled hatred in my heart & that’s why we couldn’t meet.

She states we couldn’t unite due to you & informs that she’ll give rights to her mom & Prachi di, & going to tell everybody that Prachi’s mom is my mom. Aaliya imagines she won’t let Pragya come house & this going to happen when I keep Rhea in my curb.

Rhea states you’re a deceive & liar, I hate you & goes. Aaliya imagines Pragya could’t come here.

Abhi wakes up & sees Tai ji sitting on the chair in his own room. He requests when did I sleep? Tai ji states you got (1) fever because of wound & that’s why slept. Baljeet Dadi comes there & checks him, states as of now you’re fine. Abhi informs that he’ll gain spoilt.

Baljeet Dadi states she’ll repatriate the love with concern as of now. He requests in case Rhea named & gave blood. Dadi states Rhea gave blood & Prachi is fine. She informed that Rhea has been happy & informed that Prachi is her sister.

Abhi requests what? She states this alter is due to you, you’re lucky charm. Dadi states don’t love me so much, it’d be tough for me to go from here. Abhi problems & states I’ll not let you go from here & going to accomplish Chinese harassment.

Dadi states I accept your challenge. Tai ji comes there & imparts water. Abhi searches for his own mobile. Dadi states it’s in hall so that his own sleep doesn’t gain irritated. She states I’ll bring.

Tai ji stops her. Dadi states she’s not that old. Abhi states I’ll bring it. Dadi & Tai ji go to bring it. Abhi reminisces his own Daljeet dadi & informs that Baljeet dadi won’t let him miss her.

Ranbir comes house & looks angrily seeing Rhea. He moves towards her. Rhea is happy & is regarding to tell him. Ranbir requests her not to take (2) his own name from her mouth & requests in case she ever imagined, just how much remaining going to hate her knowing her doings.

He states sometimes we accomplish gain angry on someone, however shan’t try to murder them. She states the truck driver whom you hired to murder Prachi has been captured by me & he admitted everything. Rhea is stunned & tries to say, however he continues to blame her for the workplace theft, MMS conspiracy & trying to killing Prachi.

Rhea states sorry. Ranbir requests her to shut up. Rhea states I’m actually sorry & informs that we have been together from childhood & I habituated to think you as a great lady. He states when you inquired me to break Prachi’s heart, I imagined you’re jealous, however I didn’t really know that hatred has been growing in your heart for Pragya.

He informs that just how much I hate you, however it’ll be under your hatred for Prachi. She states you’ve betrayed me, chief, & the globe. I don’t need to watch your face. Rhea states I just wanted you, where to go?

Ranbir states you don’t deserve me as a friend, different relation is quite far far away. He states I hate you to the core. Rhea states you hate me due to Prachi. Ranbir states yes, I’ll hate you all my personal life & informs that Prachi went out of demise, she has been regarding to pass away.

He requests in case she realises just how tough it has been to lose a daughter, sister & for him. Rhea cries.

Ranbir states in case you think that Prachi inquired me to confront you afterwards I’ll tell you the difference between you & her.

She states Prachi & her family (4) really know that you wanted to murder her & states in case I has been on her place afterwards would’ve died you, however she suspended me to come to you & gave me assure not to accomplish anything. He states her family (4) is not taking action over you, states that they could accomplish this, however their own heart is so big than your thoughts that they’re not taking any actions.

Rhea requests him to listen & cries. Ranbir states my heart is not big & listen to him carefully, states I’ll never forgive you in this birth, (or) any of the births. He states your error couldn’t be forgiven by anybody & informs that he’ll justify his own hatred as of now.

He states I’ve no relation with you, everything is completed. Our friendship is over. He requests her to go far from his own personal life & states you’re passed for me, everything is completed.

Rhea cries requesting him not to leave her. Ranbir goes. Aaliya hears them & imagines it’s bad for you, however great for me. She states you’ll not come out of this pain & till you remember to go to Prachi’s home, I’ll schedule something.

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