Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Ranbir Requesting Prachi In case She Has been Doubting On His own Intentions & Going to Take Advantage Of Her. Prachi States No.

I Has been Just Requesting Where Are We Going & States Sorry To Wound Him. She Requests Him Not To Care For Him.

Ranbir States What Are You Informing, I Am Breathing Because Of You & You Are Requesting Me Not To Care For You.

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He Requests Her To Look In Himself & Informs That He Desires To Give Her All The Happiness Of The Globe & Desires To Give All His own Happiness To Her. He Informs That He Desires To Give Her Something Big Than Happiness. He Informs That He Could’t Watch Tears In Her Eyes & Feels Wound Seeing Her Like This.

He Requests Her To Wipe Her Tears & Informs That He Is He Could Accomplish Anything For Her. He Desires To Becomes The Reason For Her Happiness & Not For Her Problem. He States I Took You Here Because.

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I Could Tell You Regarding The Amaze. He Informs That Mummy Informed That She Going to Amaze Me After Ravan Dahan & She Has Kept An Engagement Ring For Her Bahu, That Means It Is For You.

He States Mummy Has Realised That The Lady Is You & Kept My Amaze Engagement With You. He Informs That He Took The Ring To Show Her & States That Day I Couldn’t Make You Wear Ring, As It Is From My Side.

Today, This Ring Is From My Entire family Members. I Going to Not Listen To You & Going to Make You Wear This Ring As of now. He Makes Her Wear It. Prachi States It Is Tight.

Ranbir States It Is Great, You Have Becomes My Fiancé & Going to Shortly Be My Spouse. Rhea Hears Everything, Gets Jealous & Goes.

Abhi Requests Pragya In case She Has No Answer & Is Regarding To Leave, When She Holds His own Hand & Cleans The Stain From His own Suit. Allah Wariyan Plays……..Abhi Looks In Her & Imagines Give Me Any Pain.

However Repatriate Going On A Long Driver With Me, Choosing My Dressing, Having Cutting Tea With You, Coffee Made By You, Give All This Back To Me. He Holds Her Hands. She Looks In Him.

Abhi Informs That There Is Just Your Call Between Us, Requests Her To Tell Him In case She Loves Him (or) Not. She Is Regarding To Touch Him.

He States Till You Tell Me That You Loves Me Afterwards Only I Going to Let You Touch Me. He Requests What Does She Desires & Informs That He Desires To Wound Himself Seeing Her Tears.

He Requests Her To Tell In case She Loves Him Like She Utilized To Love Him 20 Yrs. Back & Informs That He Don’t Need Her Less Time. He Requests Her To Say In case She Loves Him (or) Not.

Rhea Recalls Ranbir’s Words For Prachi & Recalls Their own Engagement. She Collides With A Waiter & Is Walking Out. Pallavi Stops Her & Requests Why Is She Crying. Rhea Requests What You Going to Accomplish By Knowing & Informs That She Is Upset Due To Ranbir,

He Made Prachi Wear That Ring That Has been For Me. She Cries. Aaliya Scolds Pallavi For Demonstrating Dreams To Rhea & Breaking It. Rhea Informs That He Doesn’t Like Me. Pallavi Informs That We Actually Don’t Care For What They Need & Informs That She Assures Her That Ranbir Going to Gain Involved To Her & Not With Cheap Prachi.

She Requests Aaliya To Watch Whom Ranbir Going to Gain Involved & States What Ranbir Desires Doesn’t Actually Issue & What Matters Is Just Their own Happiness. She Requests Rhea In case She Likes Her Son. Rhea States She Loves Him. Pallavi Requests Rhea To Support Her & Informs That She Is Going To Accomplish Something. She Goes.

Aaliya Requests Rhea Not To Gain Tensed & Smile. Abhi Requests Pragya To Give Answer. Pragya States She Has An Answer, However He Needs To Hear It Afterwards Their own Relation Is Baseless. Abhi Requests Her To Answer Him. Pragya States She Shall Leave From Here.

Abhi States I Got Habitual To Watch You Leaving. Pragya Informs That She Don’t Have Answer To His own Unfair Query & She Could’t Clarify. Abhi Requests Her To Clarify To Him. She States She Shall Leave The Student Who Doesn’t Need To Know & Is Regarding To Go.

Abhi States I Won’t Let You Go Till You Give Me Answer & Pulls Her Closer To Him. Sarita Behen Calls Pragya & Comes To The Room. Pragya States She Don’t Need Her To Really know Regarding Us. They Are Still In Modifying Room. Abhi States & I Need…He Pulls Her Closer. Pragya Hugs Him.

Allah Wariyan Plays….Sarita Behen Is Still Standing In The Room. The Door Gets Opened. Abhi Looks Outdoor & Closes The Door. Sarita Behen Requests In case Pragya Is Inside. Abhi States I Am Inside & Modifying My Clothes.

He Requests Shall I Come Out. Sarita Behen States No & Goes. Abhi Informs Pragya That He Didn’t Tell Her As She Don’t Need. Mitali Comes To The Room Calling Pragya. Pragya States Mitali Bhabhi Had come For You.

I Going to Talk To Her. Abhi Stops Her. Pragya States She Knows That We Are Spouse & Spouse. Abhi Informs That When There Is Nothing Between Us, Afterwards Why Remaining Shall Think That We Have been In The Washroom Together. He States He Going to Go.

Ranbir Informs Prachi That He Going to Make Her Wear Ring Again & Informs That Their own Bond Is Special. He States Everything Going to Be Okay. God Going to Make Everything Okay. Prachi Requests Him To Make Her Wear Ring Infront Of Everybody. Ranbir States Ok. She Tries To Take It Out & Requests Him To Support Her Take Out.

Ranbir States We Shall Gain Your Finger Cut & Take Out The Ring, Afterwards Gain It Fixed It. He Afterwards Requests Her To Continue Wearing It & Afterwards He Going to Act To Make Her Wear It For Engagement Infront Of Everybody. Prachi Requests What Are You Informing?

Ranbir Goes Out & Takes Gloves From The Waiter. He Brings Gloves & Makes Prachi Wear It. Prachi States Anybody Going to Watch. Dida Comes There & Requests Prachi To Go & Accomplish Work. She Requests In case She Desires Free Amount & Gets Angry. Ranbir Requests Just how Are You Speaking To Her & Informs That She Could’t Bear It. Dida Informs.

That She Has been Tensed & Requests Prachi To Go & Support Sarita Behen. Prachi Goes. Dida Cries & Informs That Ranbir Has Talked Rudely With Her For The 1st Time. Ranbir Apologizes & Hugs Her. Dida Imagines Just how Pallavi Going to Gain Him Involved To Rhea, As He Loves Prachi So Much.

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Ongoing Updates: 11th November 2024 / (11-11-2020)

First episode date: 15 April 2014
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 1,663
Directed by: Jaladh. Sameer Kulkarni
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Kumkum Bhagya Cast:

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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