Jeddah: Patient steals ambulance to escape from hospital

Jeddah: A person stole an ambulance to flee from a hospital (3) within the Saudi Arabia port city of Jeddah.

When the medics have been preoccupied with the other patient inside the hospital (3), the person who’s believed to be psychologically ill, escaped from that hospital (3). The person captured the ambulance & drove it. Security guards attempted to block him however in vain. Thereafter he has been suspended within the vicinity after hospital (3) authorities recorded the incident to security agencies.

As per Saudi Arabia news papers the person stole a hospital (3) ambulance awhile its medics have been busy handing over a patient. A video footage of the incident has been also published on-line. It shows a person within the driving seat of a Red Crescent ambulance purportedly in a Saudi Arabia hospital (3) awhile guards try in vain to block him before the vehicle speeds off.