Islamic State gunmen, suicide bomber attack Afghan prison

Kabul: The Islamic State crowd on Sun. said responsibility for a complex attack by a suicide car bomber & several gunmen over a prison in eastern Afghanistan, that Afghan authorities stated died at the least 3 citizens & wounded 24 remaining.

The hourslong gunbattle between Afghan security enforces & insurgents in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar area, has been still ongoing Sun. in the evening, & casualties have been likely to raise, as per Attaullah Khogyani, spokesperson for the provincial governor.

Tariq Arian, spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, stated at the least 3 citizens have been died, awhile Zahir Adil, the spokesperson for the provincial Health Ministry, given the figure of 24 injured.

The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan, referred to as IS in Khorasan area, said responsibility for the attack. The IS affiliate is headquartered in Nangarhar area.

Sun.’s attack comes a day after the Afghan intelligence agency stated a Sr. IS commander has been died by Afghan special enforces near Jalalabad.

The Taliban’s political spokesperson Suhail Shaheen informed The Associated Press, We’ve a cease-fire & aren’t engaged in any of these targets anywhere within the nation, however stated he wasn’t aware of the information of the Jalalabad attack.

The Taliban announced a three-day cease-fire beginning Fri. for the main Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

The Taliban had also refused involvement in a suicide bombing within the eastern Logar area late Thu., that died at the least 9 citizens & injured at the least 40, officials stated.

Afghanistan has witnessed a previous spike in violence, with most targets said by this regional IS affiliate.

A U.N record past month estimated there have been about 2,200 IS members in Afghanistan, & that awhile the crowd is now in territorial retreat & its command was depleted, it remains capable of carrying out high-profile targets in different parts of the nation, involving Kabul.

Measures to gain peace talks in progress between the Taliban & the Kabul govt have stalled after the Taliban & the US signed a deal in Feb, witnessed as a blueprint to ending Afghanistan’s decades of war.

That deal has been struck to permit the US to end its 19-year involvement in Afghanistan, & calls on the Taliban to assure its territory won’t be utilized by terrorist teams. The deal is also awaited to assure the Taliban’s all-out participation within the battle against IS.

Still, a U.N record last week stated Afghanistan saw a 13% drop in the amount of civilians died & injured in violence around the nation within the 1st 6 mos of the yr., compared to the same period previous year.

The record credited the drop in casualties in part to the reduction of activities by Intl. enforces that as of now only act when named upon & in help of the Afghan enforces & also to a decrease in the amount of targets by IS.

The record stated the UN had reported 17 targets by IS that caused civilian casualties during this 1st 6 mos of 2024, down from 97 targets within the same period previous year.

Total, the UN stated 1,282 citizens have been died in violence within the 1st 6 mos of 2024 in Afghanistan & 2,176 have been injured.